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Welcome to Rokkenjima!
If you want to talk about Higurashi and Umineko, we have threads (spoilers and nonspoiler) for each series in general, and for each chapter. And, if you havent read Higanbana yet, I recommend reading that soon if you can! The community is currently reading it together, and its a great way to try and meet the other members on here.
Apart from 07th expansion discussions, we also have stuff on favorite foods, books, music, and plenty of others. We also have games going on like Umineko themed chess! Sometimes we have mafia games, and other roleplaying games if you enjoy those.
I hope you enjoy your stay here!


It’s funny you should mention that. I’m actually the one handling the images for the Umineko themed chess. I’m glad to see my idea has been so well received here.

I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy the other discussions as well from now on. It’s nice to meet you all.


Welcome @RKW! You seem like a fun and interesting person, I really hope you find yourself at home here at Rokkenjima!

@prototypeOEZ Glad you could join us! It would be awesome if we could get your perspectives on Higanbana while the Bookclub is running over the next few weeks! It’s a great excuse to read it and share thoughts with everyone else here as you do.

@Bernkastelle Wow, an honest-to-goodness Shinto priestess! That’s really impressive, how did you go about reaching that point? Are you Half-Japanese or something? I’m glad to meet someone who’s been into 07th Expansion as long as you have, people as well-versed in the series as you are rare to come by!

I will definitely be picking your brains regarding future 07th Expansion events in Japan, I’m glad Rokkenjima is finally getting some representation in the land of the rising sun! Soon, I hope that Ryukishi will come to know of us as well.

@edit_anon Thanks for your work on Umineko Chess, it seems to be a big hit here! I really hope you find our community to your liking. I may have to ask you to share some of your asset library with me sometime soon~


Welcome to all the new members! I’m so excited the community is growing more and more !

@Aspirety , thank you so much! I’m very humbled! Truthfully, Higurashi was the series that had a large influence in that decision to become a priestess (as well as helped me to realize from a personal perspective about nature of kami - I actually want to write about the real world inspirations and counterparts of Shinto practice nuanced within Higurashi, including about oni-kami worship has so many parallels with Oyashiro-sama Hanyuu and her history included but I dont know if on the fourm would be appropriate, but I would love to share if there is interest!)

But yes, I am so! However, the opportunity to study to be ordained came from outside my family, from a higher ranking priests’ reccomendation to go.

Originally, I was going to become ordained later once I had saved up more money, but thanks to the reccomendation I was able to have a subsidy, then everything was able to go from there. I am still so grateful. ;;

Yes! I live quite close to Akiba and even Chiba prefecture, so any events I definitely would love to go and take photos, report back, and so on! I had lived in Japan back in 2015 for priestess training, but it was too hectic to go and a part of me wishes I could’ve. So now, I’m more settled, I’ve been searching so much for any event. I’m so grateful for Rokkenjima’s work to compile the events happening together!

I also hope Ryukishi will come to know of us, maybe even referenced like how it happened with Witch Hunt translation team!


Slightly late, but welcome anyways @RKW, @prototypeOEZ, @edit_anon and @Bernkastelle!

And may I suggest, Bernkastelle (Late Higu Spoilers) The Hanyuu character discusssion thread?

I’d love to see your thoughts on it!


Aah thank you so much! And thank you, I’ll definitely check it out and hope to discuss there!

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Welcome welcome, Bernkastelle, you seem like quite the interesting one. Being a 07th Expansion fan for such a long time and looking at the few posts you’ve already written around the forums, you seem pretty opinionated on it, rather than scrawling your posts, you seem very thorough about your thoughts on it. What I find most interesting about you though, is that you’re a Shinto priestess. You seem to me to have a very soothing personality for some reason, definitely akin to a priestess. Um, I do apologise in advance if it feels like I am prying too much by asking you this, but I am quite curious about the Shinto priestess practice and everything about it and I’d definitely like to learn a bit about it from you. Like, what is a Shinto priestess exactly? What are your daily practices? Do you perform rituals or ceromonies and what are they for? Sorry if I’m overwhelming you with so many questions, but I am very interested in different cultures. Also, about your mythology-related writings that you wanted to talk about, may I suggest my folklore thread for you to post them in? I created this thread quite a while ago and while I had some ideas about what to do with it, I didn’t have any at the same time, but I think you can provide some good discussion on the thread. Well anyways, see you around.

Edit: You can always PM me about the questions I asked, if you feel uncomfortable about writing them here and want to be more private.

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I’m always happy to share what I’ve gathered. Feel free to ask if there’s anything you’re looking for.


Thank you so much, @Sapphire! I am very humbled by your kindness! I’m always nervous to join a new fourm, but here I feel really welcome, thank you so much :blossom:

Ah, its no mind at all! Im happy to share since there isn’t so much information. But essentially in Shinto, being a priestess is to caretake of the kami of the shrine, and also help and serve the community on behalf of the kami.

Day to day, I mostly just clean! Its quite easy usually. :sweat_smile: If someone requests a private ceremony, such as for a blessing or wish fulfillment, I also do so. I also do a practice unique to the shrine network of my kami in the modern era (before it was widespread) where I mediate spiritually between a person and kami.

While private ceremonies are various, either to pass a test, bless a newly born, or unborn baby, purification rituals (to purify one from negative energy, it is to wave a kind of wand called Oonusa over their head, symbolically cleansing their spirit and heart), bless a car, and so on.

We also do monthly, public ceremonies 3 times a month. The 1st of the month, then the first and last Saturday. These are for the enshrined kami and everyone is welcome to join and pray during the ceremonies.

But even if no one comes, we still do the ceremomies for kami-sama. They are to show appreciation for the daily blessings and to pray for the health, happiness, and stability of people of the shrine (sanpaisha) and also the community, and town.

We also hold a few big ceremonies a year. From New Years, Setsubun (though our tradition invites oni for tea, not sends them away), Spring Equinox, Mid Spring Grand Ceremony, Half Year Purification /Appreciation (Nagoshi no Oharai / Hantoshi Kansha sai), Fall Equinox, Mid Fall Grand Ceremony, Mochitsuki, Year end purification, and finally New Years again! So 9 big ceremonies total. The Mid Spring and Mid Fall are the biggest though, called Taisai (Grand Ceremony)

A ceremony for kamisama, private or public, usually involves giving food offerings (osonai) in the traditional manner. This is rice, salt, water, sake, but also fish (usually tai/seabream), mochi, bird (grand ceremony), western alcohol, dried foods, fruits, vegetables, and snacks/desserts. Afterwards, we eat them and share among the shrine parishioners in a tradition called “naorai”

I also do sacred dance at the Grand Ceremonies, since I work with the other priests and my rank is lowest, I have some freedom from ceremony responsibilities to focus on and offer sacred dance as well! I love to offer it

I hope I could summarize well! Please feel free to PM me too if you want to ask more! :sunny:

Thats a great thread too, thank you so much! I will be sure to check it out and hopefully be able to contribute! See you around, and nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


@Arietta, thank you so much. I am very humbled!
I am very impressed at your knowledge! Indeed, it is very rare for English speakers or those in the Western world to be versed in these topics, and I understand it is hard since there is not so much good English materials to read and study from. I’m very much looking forward to having a chance to discuss with you!

Yes, if there is any analysis you would like to share so should you wish, I am excited to have the opportunity to read them! I also hope any contributions here may aid in your studies and ascension as well. :butterfly:

Thank you very much!


Welcome to the forum! Wow that’s so cool being a priestess :hauu: If I ever come to Japan I should visit your shrine. :blushing:

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Thank you so much! :bowing_man: yes, if you ever find yourself in Yokosuka, let me know, you are welcome to visit anytime! Hopefully it will be around the same time as a 07th expansion event in Tokyo to enjoy as well!:sparkling_heart:


Hmm, that is very interesting, Bernkastelle, it sounds like such a peaceful and harmonious community life, the one you describe. While I did enjoy what you posted, I was more interested in the folklore/mythological meaning of your rituals, like for example, um, does the dance that you dance have any folklore basis, or what do the costumes that you wear during it represent? Or how does a purification ceremony go about, and why do you do the things that you do during it? Like, what does each thing that you do represent? We’re getting off-topic here though, so I think we’d better discuss this on PM. Also, something I forgot to say last time, I very much like your name and avatar, too. :hibiscus:

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It’s been very interesting to read what you have described here so thank you for that :joyful: it’s an area most westerners never see about the Japanese culture so it’s something I’ve always been curious about. I plan to travel to Japan again next year so hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit Yokosuka then!

Also welcome @Yata, @RKW and @prototypeOEZ! I how you’ll enjoy yourself here in our little community :joyful:

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Ego death? I need to hear more about this

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Oh I see! Yes, I will happily explain to you! I will send you a PM, since it is a off topic for here! And thank you so much :smile:

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Yes! I noted those similarities too! Even in Higurashi (major plot spoiler) The endless cycle of June 1983, and repeating through suffering over and over but Umineko was even more close to those inspirations and theme as you mentioned! I would be glad and humbled to help with anything, so please PM me freely anytime. :smile:

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Thank you so much :bowing_man: :relaxed: I am not so, though! There are so many wonderful people here! :smile: I also look forward to discussing more and become friends!


Hey guys! I’m Jokrono, you might know me as the lost and confused half of my Umineko Playthrough with @MagusVerborum!

I have been described as many things including someone completely new to Umineko (who doesn’t have much interest in Japanese media) by the illustrious @Aspirety, a cutie when he’s embarassed by @MagusVerborum, and some expletives by @pictoshark

I’m currently only reading Umineko, and Magus and I are up to Episode 3. Who knows if I’ll delve in to other 07th Expansion works but Umineko sure is a blast so far :smiley:


You’re the best Sherlock-in-Training i could ask for :pukuku: