Introducing the Higanbana Bookclub, with prizes up for grabs!

The manga really isn’t very good. Apparently, the VN is really quite good though. I wouldn’t know, I only read the manga.

Ah well, I suppose I won’t read it then, after all.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find 4 podcast members in time to record this weekend. That said, I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to organise a full cast for the following weekend, just waiting on a few people to be here for it.

I encourage everyone to continue reading and discussing! Even if everybody has finished the story in a week, that’s fine as long as we can keep the discussion and fanworks coming. Don’t wait for the podcasts, they’ll catch up to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Rejoice, I have assembled a full cast! Shouldn’t have any issues recording this weekend.


Ya yeet boys!

It looks like quite a few of us have fallen behind on the readings, which is a problem because it means we have very little discussion happening for the Bookclub! So I’m gonna pose this question to you. Please vote only on the option which will allow you to commit to for the Bookclub discussion. I won’t just be picking the highest-voted answer; this is primarily to obtain data to base a decision off.

Should the Higanbana Bookclub be delayed?

  • Keep going ahead
  • Delay it one week
  • Delay it two weeks
  • I can’t commit

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Gonna tag pretty much everyone who’s been reading along, sorry if I miss you!
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I have finished the first night, but I have not yet started the second one. I would say, give it another week or two and I’ll be caught up!

Considering I’m in Canada for the next week, at least for me personally, I pretty much won’t be able to focus on reading Higanbana or posting about it until I’m back home.

So, I voted two weeks. I’d really like to be involved with this bookclub, but so many things keep getting in the way :sweating:

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So if we delay two weeks you’ll definitely be able to join us?

I am sad I fell behind with the bookclub. I voted for two weeks - a week to backlog and a week to catch up and be in-sync. I will still try and catch up even if we only delay it a week, but there is no denying it will be easier to accomplish with two.

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Yes, absolutely. Though again, that’s just me!

I’m happy to delay two weeks, but tbch I am very worried that people will be more drawn to the slew of new visual novel releases than Higanbana. Thoughts?

Hahah, I wish I had time to be distracted by the new VNs coming out. :sweating:

I am personally either going to try and catch up with the bookclub, or accept defeat and just read Higanbana even slower so I can at least have the coattails of the bookclub conversation to enjoy.

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Well let’s delay 2 weeks, we can’t really wait longer than that though. I encourage you all to demonstrate your commitment to the Bookclub by posting on the forum to show me that you’re reading it and catching up over the break, that would be very encouraging to see!


Okay, only a few more days left before we’re scheduled to record our next podcast, I expect everyone to have read at least Chapter 4 of Second Night, how is everyone going? Anyone wanna be on the podcast?

I can’t do the podcast this weekend, this Saturday is my school’s Homecoming dance. Maybe next time!

It would be fun to be part of the podcast but I’m no good at talking.

Man, I wish I was further along the reading, but I still haven’t read chapter 5 of the first night… Not that I would join in the podcast, but I would at least like to contribute to the forum discussions… :mii:

Well what’s stopping you?

Having internship, being busy in general and the fact that if I don’t go to bed at a proper time I get thrown off the loop really bad and become a toxic son of a dick =n=