Isofrag's art dump

I apologize if there is a better suited section for this. If there is, definitely move this thread and make me aware of said section, please!

I also have a tumblr where I share my art and post personal things. If you haven’t made it to EP7, definitely do not look. If you HAVE made it to at least EP7 (preferably finished Chiru), then here you go

Anyway, I’ve decided to create a place to share my art. Feedback and critique is welcome.

My main fandoms are Umineko and Vocaloid, so expect a lot of that kind of content.

Any Umineko spoiler drawings will be linked to instead, as the blue spoilers don’t do much to help hide images.

Umineko spoilers




everything else, in no particular order (excluding the very last 3)


The last two here were done in MS Paint, because I was that bored.



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