Let us discuss Higurashi Hou's Question Arcs before Meakashi hits [SPOILERS!]

So, as many of you already know, the first four arcs of Higurashi have been up on Steam for a while. And while we have indeed had a TON of great discussion revolving around the particulars of the arcs (shoutout to @Pepe for always being there for me as a worthy adversary to test my theories against :stuck_out_tongue: ), I think us newcomers to Higurashi could really use a post under which we can discuss Higurashi as a whole, so far. (As far as I have seen, arc-specific threads tends to focus on the specifics on that Arc, which isn’t a bad thing.)
Here’s the rules:

  • NO SPOILERS PAST HIMATSUBUSHI! Feel free to participate if you have read/watched Higurashi past the first four arcs, but I think it’s best if there are no spoilers (or spoiler tags!) floating around. If you really want to post such content, label it appropriately and do so behind spoiler tags. Site-wide spoiler policy about stuff pertaining to Umineko or any outside work still applies.
  • Spoiler tags for the first four Arcs are not needed. There will be untagged spoilers for the first half of Higurashi in this thread!
  • Feel free to post anything about Higurashi Hou’s mysteries here! They can be about something particular to an Arc, a small detail, or just something that encompasses all four Arcs so far.
  • Have fun!

But to just sent such a broad topic out into the wild without any catalyst would just not do. So here’s a question.

Do you think that the mystery is the work of a curse or the work of humans?

Are you perhaps looking for this?

Counterpoint. The spoiler-free Umineko Episode 4 general.

Have you seen how much EP 1 talk that really annoying “pictoshark” guy was drumming up in there?

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As picto said, we already have the Chapter 4 Spoiler-Free General serving the exact same purpose. Please post there instead!