News from Mangagamer AX Panel: Umineko is getting a Hardcopy Release!

It’s that time of the year once more, as Anime Expo is currently taking place in Los Angeles, and with it comes the Mangagamer Panel and a bunch of news that’s bound to excite When They Cry fans! Firstly, Umineko When They Cry Episodes 1-4 are getting a hardcopy release from Mangagamer launching August 18th! Not much to be said, pretty much what you’d expect! It’s going to be available for preorder from Mangagamer after the end of the stream, so we’ll throw a link up here as soon as it’s available! Let us know if you’ll be ordering this release below. This is a working article, we’ll make sure to update it with the latest information as it breaks from the panel.

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Cool. Surprised they did Umineko before Higurashi. I’m a little disappointed that there don’t seem to be any bonus goodies coming with it but oh well it’s still a hardcopy. It’d be great if they could arrange to compile an official OST from all the different artists involved to go with a special edition or something. I’ll probably pick this up at Anime Central when I’m in the US.

There’s no way they’d have the rights to do something like that, haha…

And Umineko Ep4 was release many months before Himatsubushi.

I enjoyed Umineko a lot, but not yet sure if I enjoyed it enough to buy it twice. I’m gonna have to think about this one for a bit.

Technically mine was gifted to me, so I wouldn’t be double dipping, I’m still hesitant about buying something that I haven’t even read when owning the steam version, although this is something for collectors which I’m certainly interested in.


Oh that’s pretty cool. I think I’ll pick a copy up at some point (even if I didn’t really care for certain rather large parts of episode three and four, ahaha…)

Though I already have a Steam key, I figure I can just gift this to somebody. Surely there will be someone on my friends list who wants a copy… (even if they don’t realize it yet…)

Anyway, looking forward to it! And the price is rather generous too. The question arc is gigantic and are easily worth more IMO, especially on physical media.


Well, this certainly is exciting. I have been looking everywhere to find a hardcopy version of Umineko and now it will be here soon, so I may or may not purchase it, since I’m willing to wait to get Chiru, which will probably be released in hardcopy too later. Speaking of, was there any indication as to whether there will be more When They Cry news from Mangagamer?

I pre-ordered immediately! I figured if I already own the entirety of the manga’s English release so far, I may as well have a hard copy of the VN to go with it, right? :smiley: Looking forward to playing it again.


I already have the Japanese physical edition but I’m still interested in buying it. Though I noticed that the price was almost doubled with the cost of sending it to Sweden so I have to think about it before I decide if it’s worth the cost…

This is pretty surprising, but I will buy. I definetly want Umineko on my VN shelf, so this is a simple way of accomplishing that that has the added side effect of showing support for WTC VN translations in the west. :joyful:


A bit late for a hard cover announcement after they released the vn like a year ago.
Let’s see how it fair, I guess.

Well they use the time post-release to iron out any last typos and errors before publishing the game in format which can’t be simply updated.

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I’ll have to think about it… I may buy this in the future since HARDCOPY. Gosh I love hardcopies :smiley:

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