Ougon Musou Kyoku General Discussion (Full Series Spoilers)

It’s actually an official game.

Ōgon Musōkyoku (黄金夢想曲?, lit. Golden Fantasia), is a 2D versus fighting game developed and published by 07th Expansion. It is considered a side spin-off of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni murder mystery visual novel series and was originally released at Comiket 79 on December 31, 2010. The game was ported to the Xbox 360 by Alchemist in October 2011 as Ōgon Musōkyoku X, including new characters and balance tweaks. An append disc for the original game, titled Ōgon Musōkyoku Cross, was released at Comiket 81 on December 31, 2011.

I had always thought it was fan made, since it borrowed from Melty Blood’s engine and it was allowed to use various pixiv fan artist’s work during the loading screens. But that’s pretty cool (still doesn’t cut it for me that everybody has so limited storylines when there was a lot of potential, but that seems to be a problem with me regarding EP8 as well).

Yeah I’m pretty sure all the fanart was done with permission. I mean who wouldn’t want their fanart featured in a game?

Man it’s been a while since I played this. I should reinstall it. I used to play it so much that my parents scolded me for being so loud and competitive over it.

I loved playing as Shannon! Those attacks of hers are so funny and great.

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Could we add to the OP how far in the series the game spoils? That way people who haven’t finished the whole series yet would know whether they can play it without being spoiled.

Obv. I can’t check it, because I’m only at EP4 of the VN, but maybe someone else could? Just saying which EP it spoils up to would probably be enough.

However if you want to go the extra mile, then saying which character spoil what might be nice (e.g if one of Beatrice’s move had an EP6 spoiler, but Shannon had no spoilers past EP2 in her move set). Obviously it would take about 3 or 4 hours to check every move so I don’t really expect my second proposal to be taken up, but I think doing the first proposal would be a really helpful to certain people.

A good point, I’d say from experience playing it that it has more or less spoilers up to EP7, so I’ll put that in the title, thanks for pointing that out, I never thought about it.

OMK, at least the Cross expansion, actually has spoilers up to EP8 (the Erika/Ange end is an extended form of the Trick End, Bern and Lanbda’s big moves come directly from EP8, Black Battler’s alternate palette, several of the BGMs are directly from Eap8 like the one that translates to Soar, EVA’s particular hostility towards Bern, Will, and Black Battler over the catbox and protectiveness of Ange except in silly routes and her main serious routes, hell, even Black Battler himself can be considered an EP8 spoiler himself, and there are probably more). So yeah, best to mark it as full series spoiler even if the Cross expansion isn’t translated except for a few routes and scenes.

I would love to go through the story mode of this game with different characters, but I don’t particularly like the gameplay. It’s not really the game’s fault though; I just don’t like 2D fighters that much.

Well, if you don’t like 2D fighters, there isn’t much I can say to convince you, but a lot of the endings are up on YT, usually with a translation. So you can at least watch those and not have to play the game. You won’t miss much except maybe an idea of what ifs for different stories. Sadly, not everybody has a story mode with every other player (I’d love to have a story for Erika/EVA, Bern/Ange, Lambda/Beato).

The routes if one has the full Cross Expansion are: Beato/Battler, Beato/Ronove, Beato/George (a kind of joke end), Beato/Virgillia (joke end), Beato/EVA, Beato/Lucifer, Battler/Ange (MY FAVORITE), Battler/Lucifer, Battler/Kanon, Battler/Ronove (one of many joke RonoBato ends), Black Battler/Sayo (it’s Shannon but the story makes it clear who she’s meant to be), Battler/Rosa, George/Jessica, possibly Shannon with others I’ve never seen her routes translated except the B Battler one, Jessica/Kanon (joke end), Jessica/Lambda (a fun one not so much a joke), Virgillia/Dlanor (another special joke end), Virgillia/Ange (these dang joke ends), Rosa/EVA (a definite joke end), Rosa/410 (jokes), Ange/Lucifer (jokes everywhere), Ange/EVA, Ange/Erika, Lucifer/410 (joke end), EVA/410 (joke end), EVA/Ronove, Erika/Dlanor (it’s joke), Erika/Bern, Bern/Lambda, Bern/Will (serious even if the pic is a joke), Lambda/410 (IT’S JOKE), Will/Dlanor, and those are all the ones I’m aware of.

Every other pair just puts you in arcade mode, which can unlock some really interesting dialogue. Black Battler’s is of course twinges with lust and bloodlust towards EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE except Erika, who just gets a “BOW DOWN TO ME AND KEEP CRYING.” Thing towards her.

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Thanks a lot for the info! I like that there’s so many character combinations. I also admire the backgrounds and sprites and such in this game.

I do admire the fact that there is a lot of work put into it, but I feel like they could have added more story routes (the fact that EVA, 410, and Lambda’s routes are mostly joke routes, well most of the routes ARE joke routes). But for me, it’s a matter of knowing what the opponent plans to throw at you, like Computer Beato likes to spam the Stakes, so getting in close isn’t an option (so a character who can spam attacks from afar like Ange is good). I think it uses the Melty Blood engine (while Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax, another 2D fighter series, uses BlazBlue’s engine).

I do hope that the group who translated the original OMK translates Cross like they planned to, there’s only so much Japanese I can understand in Arcade Mode. But the voices you unlock after every Story Mode battle are pretty good.

Okay, I watched a few of the story modes on YT. Bern struck me as strangely philosophical in her endings…not to mention she seems to have a thing for Will.

Well, years of waiting have finally paid off. OMK is getting an official Steam release (the Cross expansion pack, to boot, so Rosa, Erika, Bern, Jessica, George, Lambda, Will, Dlanor, and Black Battler and the Cross exclusive stories/stages/etc are no longer ignored, or at least the ones that aren’t Bern or Lambda’s or Black Battler’s stuff aren’t getting ignored.) I would have loved to go since it’s the closest good convention, but thank you, Mangagamer!!



OMKC is such a great Game i played all Arcade Storys and have every Background except the one you get when you beat B. Battler. (Damn this is so a difficulty boss) This is also my Favourite Fighting Game my Mains are Bernkastel + B. Battler (or sometimes Erika) but im not so good yet haha.
I really hope they Revamp the Netcode in the Steam release.

IT’S PARFECTO. I kinda like playing fighting games, but I really hate to play them alone. I used to play mostly as Battler and Ange, what were your favorite characters?

Black Battler, Battler, (Chiru characters) Will and Dlanor

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Shannon, Dlanor, and the Battlers for me. Battler + BB combo is too good.

That reminds me that I haven’t played the CROSS version, only the first one. Are they cool? Will must have some pretty sick combos

He’s pretty great, he can do some sick combos with certain characters, yeah.