Ougon Musou Kyoku General Discussion (Full Series Spoilers)

General discussion for the game Ougon Musou Kyoku and its expansion Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS. Please tag any story spoilers of other works - including Umineko When They Cry - with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

So who else here loves this game as much as I do? It’s enough that there’s a fighting game involving Umineko characters of all things, but it also ended up being my favorite fighting game mechanically as well. I love the way you’re encouraged to tag out characters often and make combos using both of them. Currently I main both Battlers with Will and Dlanor following closely behind. I don’t get the chance to play online a lot but it’s still fun to try new things in Arcade Mode every now and then.


I wish I could love this more, but I’ve never been a big fighting game kinda guy. The idea of a game where you can battle with Umineko characters is so cool though, so I have had at least a little fun messing around with it and watching other people play.

Same here, as soon as I heard there was a game with the Umineko characters i was on board. But I’m not a fighting game kind of guy, the idea of knowing how many frames an attack takes makes me want to throw a controller through my screen. That being said I still had a lot of fun playing this game, me and a buddy of mine would play several matches a day against each other there for a couple of weeks. I’m nowhere brave enough to go online though, tried that with a few other fighting games (MvC3) and thats a real good way to make sure you never want to touch the game again.

Honestly I think this is my favorite non smash bros fighting game, even ignoring the fact that it is Umineko. The tag-team mechanics work really well and the game is actually designed around them, which isn’t true for most tag team fighters. I’m not particularly good and I’ve only played against AI though. My main team is Battler+Dlanor but I suck at Dlanor’s command grab. Haven’t played in probably at least a year now.

It’s been a while since I’ve booted this up, mainly cause I can’t get multiplayer to work, and I’ve played through the arcade mode a few times. Like ctom said, even past the fact that it’s Umineko, it works surprisingly well as a fighting game. I always go Erikia+B.Battler or Willard if I feel like changing it up

I’m not good at fighting games, but I do enjoy them quite a bit. Ougon was great, and is probably the fighting game I’ve played the most. I haven’t played online, most matches were against friends or family (in most cases very evenly-matched) and were for fun. The sprite art was so good, and I loved to have stages of scenes from the VN that I previously had to imagine… I haven’t played it in a while, so I’ve forgotten all of the combos but I do remember using Erika, Rosa and Lambdadelta a lot.

When I finally got around to playing JJBA: All Star Battle, I couldn’t help but compare it to OMK… except I’d say OMK is much more balanced! Overall though, I’d say I’m more of a Hidebu player.

I love the game, the mechanics are really well themed towards Umineko, and the characters mostly all feel unique and different, sadly I’m pretty garbage at fighting games, but I find it fun to hop in once and a while and have some fun. Just wish BATTLER was in it though, gotta love the cape.

I just wish Gaap was in it. Seriously why is there no Gaap?

Why is there no Kinzo? Why is there no Featherine… I wish they could all be added. :frowning:

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I ask myself this question everyday

Because she would either be completely broken, or hilariously under-powered for what she is supposed to be.


I’m pretty sure a fight with her would simply consist of (Umineko Spoilers) her freezing the screen and writing “You Lose” herself.


I used to play a lot this game, but I didn’t find any translation to have it on english so I feel like I’ve lost the bits of story of the dialogue. Does a patch exist? I would really like playing it in English

@Aulin Sadly not for the latest version with all the characters, there’s no English patch, but there is one for an earlier version, but there’s so few characters in it.

@StarTurner We’ve always wanted to do one for Cross, but for many many reasons it’s better to do the original first, least of all being that the second is a lot, LOT more complicated to program(which is why vanilla’s translation will not work with Cross).

(For the record I’m the editor/lead of the OMK translation.)

And don’t sell the earlier version short. It still has the mainstays of the cast, and each has a great story mode. Not to mention the music and style. I strongly suggest giving it a go before Cross. It’s like SFIV compared to Ultra SFIV.


@cj_iwakura I already played most of the story mode for the original, it was great, but I felt like the lack of characters was kind of a bummer for it, so I’ve been immensely enjoying playing Cross with friends online having all the characters.
Also, it’s good to have you here!

I like OMK’s premise, in that it was at least hinted at in the Game Master BATTLER TIP. I’m not good at fighting games, but if I can play as my favorite characters, I don’t care.

The biggest disappointment for me though is how there is so much potential to have a variety of stories with all the characters, but there are only so many routes. I really understand that it is a fan-made game, and it’s impressive, but I would have killed for the plot lines hinted in Evatrice and Battler’s Arcade Mode and especially the ones in the Erika and Evatrice one with what little knowledge of Japanese I have. Or even Bern and Ange having a story like in EP8.

Oh, its soo good to see other people that like this game, i love OMK. Im not very good at it tough, but i usually end up winning. I personally enjoy quite a lot anime fighters and its a big coincidence that Umineko has one. When i played the game it amazed me how well done the game was, it managed to be among my favourites too.
But, as you guys already mentioned, as an Umineko fan id love to see more characters like Gaap, Feathrine or Zepar and Furfur.
Also, if someone wants at any time to play online ill love to. I usualy pick Dlanor+Will and Dlanor+Erika but i use all the characters.

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As I said before, I’m always up for a game. If you happen to have Tunngle, there’s an Ougon Musou Kyoku network there; otherwise Hamachi is also an option.

Don’t expect me to go easy on you though :wink:

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Oh, then. I have hamachi, so whenevever you want just tell me and ill play. If you have skype you can tell me on there, ill probably answer faster, im Helrul93 on there.

Also, if one of us handicaps himself it cant be fun, right? I want to play with someone at his fullest potential, then its when it gets entertaining. :smirk: