PSA: About the CloudFlare vulnerability

A memory leak has been discovered in CloudFlare, which sits in front of our site. The tl;dr of what this means for you is:

Your password may have leaked. Please change it.

(Side note: don’t get mad at them for this. These things happen. CloudFlare contained it remarkably quickly.)

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Dang well time to go change passwords everywhere @3@

Wow, my rokken password is actually unique to all my other services which is odd.

Unfortunately it’s not one of my funny passwords so I don’t even get to tell a joke now that it may have been leaked…

Oh well, gonna go change it now.

Dont forget to change your discord stuff as well since it also runs on cloudflare I think. If you read the stuff for the Heartbeat bug changing a lot of your stuff is probably a good idea. Its not just Rokkenjima that is compromised.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.