Rokkenjima Chorus: Let's Sing 'You' Together!

In commemoration of the upcoming Higurashi Meakashi Tea Party, I am preparing a collaborative project I invite you all to be a part of: the very first Rokkenjima Chorus!

I’d like to ask you all to join me in singing You, from the Thanks/You album. Please put to mind any preconceptions you have about community singing events. I fully intend the Rokkenjima Chorus to be a project of love and passion, which means you really need to put your heart into it! If you want an idea of what to expect, you can check out the very first Kazamatsuri’s Chorus Here.

If you’d like to be involved in the project, please express your interest in the topic below and I’ll add you to a PM thread where we can collaborate further! Of course, we will be screening the submissions for quality and only including entries that meet our standards, but we really want everybody to give it a shot, even people who might not sing often! The more submissions, the merrier. And if you don’t have a mic, I’d recommend the Blue Snowball Ice for $50 USD. Best quality you can get on a $50 budget, I’d say.

The deadline for submissions is 4th of June, so don’t delay!

It’s my hope this project can become something we’re all very proud of.


Sure, I’ll give it a shot~


I do want to try this one.


oh god no
I mean, sure, but I don’t think I’ll be involved with this one as my headset is still being repaired and therefore my lower quality replacement is the only one in operation.

Well I’d be interested, hopefully I’ll be able to record in peace.


I can’t wait to give this a try. I also can’t wait to see the comments about my terrible singing.

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I’ll definitely be participating, but I’ll have to start pretty late, I’ll only have the means to begin recording starting around the 27th-28th ish. Time to get in as much practice as possible before then~


This seems like a really cool project! I have a blue yeti, so my mic quality should be good enough. I’d like to participate! Hopefully time allows! Heh.


Already have two submissions in! Keep them coming guys!

Also, is anyone here proficient with Aegisub? I need someone to do some karaoke subs for the chorus. I’ll be happy to reward you for your efforts~

I’m not familiar necessarily but I could have a go since I have some free time.

I’m excited to see the final product! :smiley:

This is entirely late notice but I’d still like to join this! There’s a couple days left!! :persevere:


You lot are bloody crazy.

I’m looking forward to the results, since they might very much surprise me. @Aspirety will you be showing who is singing in each part, since if you don’t I might try to guess who’s singing and who isn’t in each bit and see how wrong I end up being…
Well I guess I can do this anyway by not looking at the video and only downloading the music but then I might get accused of cheating

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These generally work out so we’re all singing together as one, as a chorus, rather than taking individual spots.

How’s progress going on this?

All done~! It’ll be published along with the Meakashi Tea Party Podcast.


so exciting!

Here’s what the final product sounds like, in case any future readers come across this topic:

Edit: Never mind. the very next post not 10 minutes away made this post basically useless.


Nah, publicity is always good. Let’s all spread the word! :winking: