Rokkenjima Chorus: You

Making it’s debut for the Higurashi Meakashi Tea Party comes our very first Rokkenjima Chorus, where we sing Higurashi’s ‘You’ together as a community! Our singers for this chorus are Aspirety, Epika, Karifean, Seraphitic, artifedex and VyseGolbez. We even went through the trouble of retranslating the lyrics for the video, which you can find here.

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Well sung, Japs isn’t ez to sing imo. But you guys did a pretty good job!!

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That was way way better than it I thought it’d be holy shit.

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That was absolutely wonderful! Bravo to all you guys that participated and I’m glad to see a chorus like this happen on Rokkenjima :smiley:

Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in this one, but hey, here’s hoping there’ll be another one coming up in the future!

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Wooo, nice results. Good work, guys!

I can only repeat what others already said, you all did a really good job here, very nice!

Yay it turned out super nice! :hauu:

I really really enjoyed listening to this. Wonderful idea and a great execution. I wonder what the next song might be.

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Yaaay! The song is up~ I’m still glad to have contributed to it. We did it guys! ;w;

Aaaa, this is so cool! You all did a great job.

So recently I let my mom listen to this, and she tasked me to tell everyone that it sounded great. :smile:


Great job on the chorus! Seriously, this makes me excited for all the things that will come in the future. I’m calling it now, when Chiru comes out on Steam, there will be another chorus for Occultics No Majo!

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