Rokkenjima vs Kazamatsuri Overwatch Night

Apart from Rokkenjima getting kerbstomped, that was pretty fun!

Should we do this again next week for the Free Weekend?

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I’m in for next weekend if anyone else wants to play. Do you play on pc or console? (I play on PS4 but can install it on PC during the free weekend)

We were playing on PC, yes.

Aaaand I am up for doing this again next week, yes!

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Guess we should lock in another game for the free weekend, same time as the last one. Who’s interested?

i guess i would be

I’m in

Okay, sorry I’m late in organising, but I’d love to meet up at 22:00 UTC Saturday for more shenanigans. Newcomers can join in for the free weekend too!

I might. I tried the game with some local friends today and the framerate and lags were extremely bad. If I don’t find a way to deal with that it doesn’t look too good.

That’s a shame, guess your computer can’t handle it.

To the rest of you interested, please make sure you grab the client asap!

I wish I could join this time, cause last time was A LOT of fun.
But sadly I promised I’d partake in a tournament, be sure to have fun for one extra person!! :winking: