Rokkenjima vs Kazamatsuri Overwatch Night

Prepare for war. The first ever Kazoku Collective cross-community event is about to commence! We are currently looking for members to fill two teams representing Rokkenjima and Kazamatsuri for a night of Overwatch fun. The current plan is to begin playing at 22:00 UTC on Saturday the 12th on the US server. We intend to play for at least 2 hours, with a buffer for people who wanna party afterward. Apply for the Rokkenjima team here! Or if you’d like to defer to the enemy side, you can find them here.

Only one community will come out on top! Which side will you support?

Current Applicants:

@pictoshark [CONFIRMED]
@StarTurner [CONFIRMED]
@PocketyHat [CONFIRMED]
@Aspirety [CONFIRMED]
@PantherXoXtacO [CONFIRMED]

@uppfinnarn [CONFIRMED]
@Hardscope [CONFIRMED]
@joeross75 [CONFIRMED]
@Bizkitdoh [CONFIRMED]
@bionic [CONFIRMED]
@Bonecuss [CONFIRMED]
@Gurluas [CONFIRMED]
@Meyvol ~Unconfirmed~


Applying. Will play support, because I like it and none of you guys want to.

PS: I can only play support.


Burn down Kaza and all their trees!

Applying, I can play whatever!
22:00 UTC would be great.

Please tell me what times work for you, or both where applicable.

Its 1am or 8am for us right? (or 2am and 9am? DST?) either works I guess

2am and 9am for us East coast Australians

then yeah, either is fine

Ooooo, I wanna join in, yes, I’m usually better at tank or support, or junkrat. :stuck_out_tongue:
Well for me it works at any time, as long as it’s after 15:00. I could do at 22:00, yes.

I can play for either team at either time, as long as it’s not on a weekday in the US, since I’ll have work all day through both times. Also will be gone the weekend of Nov. 12th. I can go any role as well: mainly play Mercy, but also play lots of Rein,, McCree, S76, and so on.

Since @uppfinnarn is choosing Kaza, guess I’ll choose to smash! Rokkenjima! For now at least.

I’m also locking in 22:00 UTC the 12th for now, so let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


that’s only 23:00 for me so that works great!

@uppfinnarn How would you feel about joining our team instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heads up guys! The Overwatch Night is going ahead in 31 hours, at 22:00 UTC on Saturday!

Please confirm that you’re still free to join us.


Last chance if anyone else wants to join the team! Would be good to have a backup or two.

waaaaaiiiiit… let me find it…

Ah! There it is!

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I should be free! sets 5 alarm clocks

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Awye, I am still available~

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Well if there’s still a slot needed to be filled, I guess i can play the part.
Tho, I am quite newby. So please don’t carry ur BM guns

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See you in 10 hours guys! We still need someone to stream for our team, so let me know if you’re keen. I recommend meeting up on Discord at least 20 minutes before we start so you can be ready.

And please, make sure your game is updated! You don’t wanna be that guy. We’re playing on the normal Americas server, just to make clear!

Also, any rule requests?

yes hi hello

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