Rokkenjima, what are your hobbies/talents?

I like tarrot reading. Some people say it’s bullshit, but I think of it as a canvas of thoughts. I use them to kind of sort my thoughts and ask myself what is going on right now with myself and put myself on the right path. It’s also great to determine your wishes, and wishes lie deep down in our subconscious mind. And tarrot cards sort of use that imagery and symbolism to invoke those deep thoughts.


Well this is a fun thread. I play too many video games but my passion right now is tabletop roleplaying games. Right now I’m all about Blades in the Dark so if any of you guys are interested in some scoundrely steampunk action PM me.


My hobby as of late seems to be doing absolutely nothing at all, to try to maximize the time I’m not at work by making time feel slower.


Oh, I used to do that, too! It really is interesting how they can help you understand your thoughts and the more obscure meaning of your actions better. I never really used them for fortune-telling, I don’t think that’s their purpose, but they’re more of something to help you sort out your thoughts, like you said, Akafa. They truly help you understand the meaning of what’s going on at a certain point in your life, and when you look back, or at least when I looked back to past readings after some time had passed, I could understand the full meaning of what the reading meant at the time.


I practice Muay Thai, play videogames, and read manga. I read mostly tragedy and romance manga though, it helps me decompress any emotions I pent up from working in an ER.

Edit: Doing nothing and reading reddit are also two things I spend a tremendous time doing.


Well, I tend to proclaim myself as the stereotypical nerd. I have dabbled in everything from anime, manga, video games, books, tabletop RPGs, comics, and of course visual novels . I tend to find solace more in fiction than reality I suppose.

In any case, otherwise, I have been into boxing as of late to attempt to lose weight. The lessons are fairly fun all in all, but I lack the willpower to do it on a more constant basis. I am lazy to an utter fault unfortunately.

I used to be into regular roleplaying back in the day on Tumblr, but suffice to say that website has left a bad taste on my mouth and I forgone the hobby.

So I am a fairly boring person all in all, but that’s fine by me!