Rose Guns Days Sesaon 2 Stage Play announced

Theatre fans rejoice! A new 07th Expansion Stage Play has been announced!

Shingidan tweeted that they will be performing the second season of Rose Guns Days! This is a very interesting move since their previous play before last year’s Rose Guns Days play was the Higurashi Prototype - Hinamizawa Bus Stop back in August 2015. It seems the first season did well enough to gather enough attention to do the next part of the story! Could they be doing all four seasons? Only time will tell.

Hinase Momoyama, mangaka of Higurashi’s EP7 and Umineko’s EP6, drew art to commemorate the second season being announced! She was also responsible for designing two of the Rose Guns Days characters - Jeanne Amakawa and Hsiao-Lan.

The play will open on December! More details will be announced in the future so stay tuned!

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I’d love to watch these. Wonder if there was any recordings made?

Huh. Can’t edit this one.


That isn’t how you spell “Season”!

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Don’t you know? “Sesaon” is the new hip way of spelling Season nowadays. All the cool kids are doing it now.


How exciting.

Yeah I wish they would release the plays on DVD like the recent Higurashi Sou concert.


I’ve bought stage play DVDs from Japan before but I didn’t see any listings for this. Buuuuuuu :<

Whaaaaaaaaaaat! They’re not going to?

It would be soooooo good if they did…

Well there’s no signs of the other plays being released, makes me sad. :frowning:

Who knows though…

I have copies of Sou and Higurashi the opera, I tried very hard with my limited Japanese to find Hinamizawa Busstop dvd. I was told there would be one but then correspondence stopped.