Should I buy Umineko or Higurashi? (Mangagamer)

I am having a terrible time deciding.

I have never read Higurashi, but I kinda want to try.
I have read most of Umineko and I ADORE the series, I want to support Ryukishi again and again. I have the original PC games and am working on collecting the manga. I also have the anime.

Should I buy another release of Umineko to support the series I adore so much, or should I try Higurashi?

I can’t decide.

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I Think you should try Higurashi and later buy the Steam releas from Umineko.

I think there’s a free version of Onikakushi-hen, the first arc of Higurashi on the App Store, though I’ve just heard of this and I’m not sure if it’s completely true, but if someone else knows about this with certainty please say, so I say download that and start reading it. Then, if you like Higurashi, buy the Higurashi games. This is a more safe way, cause you might end up not liking Higurashi after buying it, so you’ll be more sure this way. Either way, I’d say you go for Higurashi though, since you say you already own Umineko in so many formats and since you’re reading it already, I’d say give Higurashi a try. But then again, it all depends on whether you’ll like it or not, so I’ll say it would be better to go with the first option I gave you.

The arcs in the App store have the old translation while the Steam version has the translation/art completely redone. Which is why they are releasing it individually instead of a bundle like Umineko.

I’d also say try Higurashi and buy the steam release of Umineko later.


Personally, when in similar situations, I’ll always go for the new experience over the one that I’ve already had. Based solely on that I’d go with Higurashi.

If you wanna know the result of this…

…I bought both.

I’m excited to reread Umineko under this release after I finish my first playthough. I’m on EP7, so I don’t have much longer to go… though I think I want to read the UmiTweak versions next, so this Mangagamer release will actually probably be the third run through for me.

As for Higurashi, I’ve never experienced it before so I’m excited to read it! I’ll most likely begin this visual novel after I finish Umineko.


Higurashi, play them in order!

I’d say Higurashi first, and then you can re-read Umineko!