TRianThology Free Trial Published!

TRianThology Free Trial Now Live!

In preparation for TRianThology's release on Wednesday (looks like it was delayed a few days), 07th Expansion have published a Free Trial of the title on their TRianThology Website!

Not much else to say at this point! I'll update this article through the night once I've downloaded the trial and more details become clear. Stay tuned!

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I haven’t played it, but according to a friend I trust very much, the Country Girl chapter is a different story than the manga.

Ooh that is very interesting. I held up on reading the manga since I wanted to read the VN first even if it’ll take a while for it to be translated.

Like I said, I don’t know myself, but I trust my friend’s judgement. It may just be for the trial, though.

Also, apparently it has animated backgrounds.

@MrDent if you read the article, I did mention both of those things :stuck_out_tongue: Though I guess I could’ve worded it better.

The start of Country Gal is identical to the manga, but for some reason the story deviates in a slightly different direction.


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Thanks for reminding I completely forgot about it. The opening is so amazing

I wasn’t able to get the trial working on my computer. Can anyone confirm if you can access the music from the trial? I must have the new xaki/M.Zakky/pre-holder tunes in my life!

Oops, totally didn’t read the article. I have the forums bookmarked so I basically come straight here.

@Keriaku I dunno if they are or not, but I think the OST is already for sale/preorder. I might look into that soon, it may help ease the wait for a translation.

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Have you tried changing your Locale to Japanese? That’s how I got it to work for me.

Hello everyone! I am a new guy to this forum. Nice to meet you all.

Agreed, this is quite intriguing. Deviation from roots made me think that the manga will have its own value. Anyway, bst read it through first=)

I have read throuth the trial (got as much as my poor japanese skills+autotranslate allowed me) and felt a strong desire to buy the whole thing. Could someone help me with link? I didn’t quite understand how to buy it… As much I understood from the site, u can buy it if you get to the end of trial. Well, I did, but… nothing happened at all.

p.s. sorry guys for my poor English, it is not my native language, so.

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You can still buy it AmiAmi!

Mine’s shipping so it’ll be here by the end of the month or so. >w>b

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Epika, got it, thank you! A shame that the payment must be in yens… Gotta figure it out somehow, I am not sure that there are no problems with convertations and shipping to Russia. Difficult stuff really.