Umineko Chiru - CG Restoration (FULL SERIES SPOILERS)

EDIT: A preliminary release of Ep5 is available! It’s only a few posts down, but here’s a link to the post anyways.

So, sorta carrying on from this thread, but I felt like this deserved its own topic.

To summarize: Both of Mangagamer’s Umineko releases (Ep1-4 and Chiru) contain, in their files, a collection of CGs. I presume they’re from the Pachislot version, but I don’t know for sure - having said that, they do share the same art style.

Now, normally (as is my understanding - by the time I picked up MG Umineko, the PS3 patch had been released, and I really didn’t like the pachinko art style at the time), the CGs don’t display at all, regardless of sprites selected or anything else. The reason is simple - the flag to show the CGs is never set to 1. Based on comments in the script, I believe it was meant to be enabled at some point, but likely it was either scrapped or forgotten (I think the former - some of the CG definitions aren’t referenced by the script proper, so they never appear, even after setting the flag to 1).

MG Chiru is similar - the flag is never set to 1, so the CGs do not appear. However, setting the flag to 1 doesn’t show them either - from examining the script, I’ve learned that 1) the CGs aren’t even defined in the first place, and 2) the subroutine responsible for displaying the CGs in MG Umineko is present but unreferenced in Chiru itself (i.e. there are no places in the script where it checks if the “Show CGs” flag is enabled).

Here are all the CGs I’ve extracted from MG Chiru’s archives. I don’t know if those are all of the CGs included - when extracted, a number of other files (all of which seem to be .bmp’s, interestingly) were corrupt, and Wight’s scans of the pachislot game’s artbook (kudos to them <3) showed two more images that I do not have (it’s also worth noting that the last two images, of Battler and Beato, are named “end_3” and “end_4”, while end_1 and 2 are missing). Interestingly, the very first CG of Lambda wasn’t in the artbook scans. I don’t know what that means, if anything, but.

That’s where this thread comes in. I don’t think reimplementing the CGs should be too difficult - while I’m not a programmer per se, I’ve got a good grasp on scripting languages such as Ren’Py, and I’m fairly sure I understand most of how the script format for this engine works (I don’t actually know off-hand what engine MG Umineko/Chiru runs on, I believe it’s Ponscripter? If anyone can clarify that’d be great). The thing is, I don’t know exactly where some of them are supposed to go. Some of them are obvious - the one of Battler with his golden longsword is easily for ???5, for instance - but some of them are a bit more ambiguous. There’s also the fact that there are two versions of one of Ep8’s CGs, though I think I know which is from the pachislot game.

That’s where I could use some help. I know very little about the pachislot version of Umineko - while I’ve found scans of the artbook, I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know what most of it says. If anyone’s got any input on where exactly these CGs belong, or anything along those lines, it’d be highly appreciated! Thanks. :winking:


Yes, I read they’re using Ponscripter for sure. Thus the annoying static rain.

It’s so cool what you’re doing, I don’t even know how to play the pachislot though but I hope you can make it happen, I’ll be rooting for you.


Thank you! The support alone means a lot to me.

So, I’ve done some poking around, and except for one odd quirk (that may or may not be in MG Umineko as well, I’ll have to look into it), I’ve managed to get the CGs to load in-game! So it’s definitely possible. Ideally, I’d like to readd the “missing” scenes from the artbook (one of them is for towards the end of Ep8, the other is for the trick ending), but I get the feeling that’ll be a whole different beast to tackle.

One step at a time, I suppose!

EDIT: Alright, I’ve checked, and the “quirk” I mentioned above isn’t actually a bug, I was just misinterpreting the command used to show CGs. Anyways, uh, so this edit has more substance than that…

I’m not 100% clear on what the policy is regarding scans here, so to err on the side of caution, I’ve cropped the image descriptions from out of the pachislot art book. These descriptions seem to be related to where in the episode the scene is from - for instance, the first Ep5 CG in the scans (the Lambda one is missing) is labelled as “unexpected visitor,” indicating that it’s used when Erika first introduces herself. While it’s not an exact quote or line or whatever, it’s good for reference on where the CG appears.

Can anyone here read Japanese? If so, could you translate these for me? I’ve tried looking for information about the pachislot game online, but haven’t had much luck in finding anything useful, so hopefully at least these few lines will help as a starting point.

Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8




The only three I definitely don’t need are the first line for Episode 5 (as I’ve translated that one myself), the last line for Episode 8, and the first line for the endings. The ones I’m most interested in are:

  • Episode 5, third line
  • Episode 5, fifth line
  • Episode 6, first line
  • Episode 6, second line
  • Episode 6, third line
  • Episode 6, seventh line
  • Episode 7, second line
  • Episode 7, third line
  • Episode 7, fourth line
  • Episode 7, sixth line
  • Episode 7, seventh line
  • Episode 8, seventh line

…Which, now that I think about it, is most of them, but, uhh… :blushing:

In the meantime, I’m going to scour the web to see if I can find the two missing scenes in some shape or form. Getting them into the game archive is a totally different matter, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


I’m not sure what the forum policy on double-posting is, so I apologize if this isn’t kosher, but I figured it’s worth posting anyways (shared it on Discord, so why not):

The transition for the CG appearing is kind of rough, I realize - I’m still looking into what I can do about that. Ideally, I’d like to find a way to make displaying the CGs an option (perhaps checking if the Steam sprites are enabled or some such), but with how the command works that introduces the challenge of making them appear without any unexpected behaviour if they’re disabled. EDIT: I just thought to check, and it turns out the game already handles that on its own! On one hand, cool, that means I don’t need to find a way to hijack the buttons for sprite toggling, but on the other hand, that does cause Erika’s sprite to disappear when it comes to how I’ve got this CG implemented at the moment. (EDIT 2: Alternatively I can get this to happen. Sorry, Battler :crying:) Oh well, I’m still just getting started, plenty of time to fix it later~

On the technical side: One of the problems here is how the CG command works. It simply uses the background command that’s used for regular scene transitions - in MG Umineko, the CGs that are called are done so by simply replacing an existing background call, so with them disabled there’s no visible difference to how the game normally flows (for instance, the CG of Maria crying over her rose is called on transitioning back from a black screen).

For some of Chiru’s CGs, I’m sure this approach will be possible (and it likely is here - I just chose this timing for Erika’s CG because I felt it fitting for it to appear alongside her character profile being added) but for some of them I’m not so sure yet. Still trying to work out a lot of the details.

Still, progress! :joyful:


If it helps, you can take a look at the change history for the PS3 graphics mod. Here is the change that first added the CGs in the question arcs (along with a bunch of other stuff, so you’ll have to sift through it to find the relevant parts) It uses the same functionality to display the PS3 CGs, and we actually had it displaying the Pachislot CGs for a while, too.

There are some minor issues with the CGs through. I think you’ll run into some weird behavior if you go into the menu during certain CGs, or save and load your game in the middle of the CG. I bet MG ended up scrapping the CGs because they couldn’t fix those issues.

Ah, this looks like it’ll be good for reference, thanks!

Yeah, I’ve been playing around with the script to see what I can do (if anything) to fix some of the bugs that happen, and most of that seems to come down to having conditionals based on which sprites are active… Which means there’s always some odd behavior if the sprites are toggled during a CG - for instance, with Erika’s introduction, toggling the sprites causes either Erika’s sprite to disappear, or the CG not to display, and I don’t think there’s much else I can do without a serious rewrite of the CG subroutine. Having said that, as long as the sprite toggle is left alone, things do seem to work out alright so far.

Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve added Lambda’s introductory CG into the script - the artbook doesn’t have this scene at all, so where exactly it was meant to display, I’m not sure, but I’ve put it in the prologue for now, when Lambda declares herself the new Game Master. I’ve also managed to get Erika’s introduction CG to fade in, as opposed to just appearing, so I think I’m getting the hang of this. Still a ways to go (I think the CG of Natsuhi is going to be a bit trickier because of what it shows vs. how the scene unfolds in-game), but I think I’ve got the momentum I need now.

EDIT: 'Nother update. I’ve currently got all but one of Ep5’s CGs implemented. The last one I have is the 6th CG of Dlanor - because it could go pretty much anywhere in the final chapter or ???, honestly. It’s too bad there isn’t a similar CG of Battler with his golden sword, they’d make for good alternatives for the “swinging blade” graphics.

I’m also undecided on where exactly to use the CG of Battler and his sword that does exist - as-is right now, I’ve got it implemented in two places, and I’m not sure which I think works better.
I’ve also ended up using Dlanor’s “introduction” CG in two different places - one for, well, her introduction, and the other in ???5. Speaking of which, here’s how ???5 looks right now:

The timestamp included is for the first instance of Battler’s CG, while the second one (and the reuse of Dlanor’s first CG) is around 3:19. I’m thinking the close-up of Dlanor around 3:44 would be a good place for the last CG to go, though that might be a few too many around the same spot (I’d likely use that last one at some point in the trial in Ep5 anyways, so).

Current thoughts? Neither of the two golden sword scenes seem quite right to me (though the scene doesn’t match at all with Battler picking up the sword for the first time, so I can’t really use it there), and I don’t know if I should be using it in more than one place like that. If anyone’s got any feedback, I’d really appreciate it.

Original Post

Double-post again, sorry! I mean, I should’ve gone to bed two hours ago so I really shouldn’t be writing this anyways, but quick update so I don’t forget in the morning.

Episode 5’s CGs are all implemented and functioning to the best of my ability, as well as some minor script changes in Ep5 (typo/line break fixes, starting to standardize Dlanor’s capitalization, things like that). I think the scenes still work as they originally did with the original PC sprites enabled, but I’ve still got to test things out properly. Also, I have no idea if he’s got an account here, but I’d like to give a shout-out to drojf on the 07th Modding Discord for helping me step through part of the code to figure out why one of my CG insertion attempts was failing (thanks to their help I also managed to nearly seamlessly “fix” Erika’s introduction bugging out when toggling sprites).

I’m also starting to look into making a voice-compatible version of this mod - anything concrete is probably going to wait until the rest of the CGs are implemented, so I don’t have to manage two different files side-by-side, but it should be relatively simple.

Once I wake up, I’m planning on doing another quick runthrough to see if things function as intended, then I’ll upload an “alpha” version somewhere and update this post. Just in time to fully reread Ep5 for the podcast, huh? :sweating:

EDIT: An initial release of CG restorations for Ep5 is here! Download the archive, and extract the file and folder within to your Umineko Chiru directory (where Umineko5to8.exe and 0.utf are located). I highly recommend backing up the original 0.utf file first. This isn’t yet voice-compatible, so it can’t be used alongside the voice restoration mod just yet, unfortunately.

Also, as a warning: There is a good chance that save files made on the original or voice patched version of the game will break if loaded. Things like character sprites not getting cleared properly, CGs not loading, getting moved backwards a few lines, possibly even crashes. Bear that in mind before reporting any bugs.

I’ve tested this, and it should work as intended. There may still be some bugs or odd behaviour when switching between old and new sprites, but just about everything should function the same as before with old sprites on.

I’ve also made a few changes to the script here and there - minor things like standardizing Dlanor’s dialogue capitalization, including punctuation marks in coloured text, and so on. Going to edit a (overly) detailed changelog into this post shortly.

If you do encounter any bugs, a screenshot and description would be helpful in figuring out how to fix them. I’m also open to feedback on whether or not any of the CG appearances should be moved or removed, as there’s nothing in the script natively to indicate where they were intended to go.

I hope you enjoy it! :smile:

EDIT: Changelog
  • Total of 31 new image definitions have been added - 30 are CGs (7 per episode plus two labelled “end” - note that none of them besides Ep5’s are used as of yet), one is a background
  • Additional subroutine added to display CGs during certain sequences - currently only used once
  • Episode 5 prologue - 1 CG added (Lambda: “I’ll be the next Game Master. Any objections?”)
  • Episode 5, “Furudo Erika” - 1 CG added (Erika: “I am called Furudo Erika. My deepest apologies for disturbing you members of the Ushiromiya family like this.”) (fun fact: this is where that background mentioned earlier is used, to circumvent Erika’s sprite disappearing if graphics are toggled between old and new sprites)
  • Episode 5, “Morning of Tragedy” - 1 CG added (“Natsuhi flew into the cousin room on the second floor of the guesthouse…”)
  • Episode 5, “Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches” - 2 CGs added (“The air shone brightly, and the piece Erika had guided there showed its form…”, “[Beato] drifted down through the rain treasure box world into Battler’s chest.”)
  • Episode 5, “The Great Court of Illusions” - 1 CG added, used three times (Dlanor: “Permission to unsheathe the ‘Red Key’.” for first instance)
  • Episode 5, ??? - 3 CGs added, used six times - one reused from Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches, one reused from The Great Court of Illusions (“Slowly, …Dlanor stepped forwards.” for first instance)
  • “Know that you cannot leave through the door without Natsuhi thinking something was odd.” - Period is now red
  • “Let it be said that Natsuhi did not hear the sound of the door opening while in the room.” - Period is now red
  • Was it shown beforehand that a blind spot existed within the study for Natsuhi? If it wasn’t shown, this theory will not be permitted.” - Permitted is now capitalized
  • Knox’s 9th. It is permitted for observers to let their own conclusions and explanations be heard!” - Heard is now capitalized
  • “Please, allow me to speak. All victims’ deaths were homicides.” - Changed to “All the victims’ deaths”
  • “Know that no examination of the corpses could have been mistaken!” - Exclamation mark is now red
  • “Know that no corpses exist except those of characters who have appeared in the story.” - Period is now red
  • “Know that the red truth is simply truth, and there is no need to provide evidence or proof!!” - Exclamation marks are now red
  • Knox’s 2nd. It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique.” - Technique is now capitalized
  • “…In this court, if anyone other than witches is going to speak the red truth, they’ll have to construct an appropriate proof for it.” - Changed to “if anyone other than a witch”
  • “…the tale will continue on, …Battleeer…” - Removed one e in “Battleeer” to prevent poorly placed line break (not fully satisfied with this, will look into again later)
  • “The red truth from the previous games says that Kinzo is already dead.” - Period is now red
  • "“He isn’t on the third floor or the first floor or the basement…” - Stray quote mark at beginning removed
  • “I wanted to believe that […] Natsuhi just might have been able to grasp a sliver of happiness…” - Changed to “Aunt Natsuhi”
  • “…The witch with the hopeless gaze…” - Extra space added at start to prevent poorly placed line break
  • “…Thank you… …Liar… …Goodbye… And… …Sorry.” - Attempted to center text on-screen - not happy with this, but I don’t think I can center it any better than this, might scrap it
  • “In that case, Battler, …let us say that the 3rd Commandment didn’t exist. In that case, what would happen to closed room mysteries…?” - Exist and mysteries are now capitalized
  • “Isn’t that convenient? What clever little words to hide your own incompetence.’” - Stray apostrophe removed, line is now in quote marks to indicate dialogue
  • “…In other words, there is a chance that you could win.” - Win is now capitalized
  • “The writer who wouldn’t write until he gained the support of readers…goes for all eternity without releasing his maiden work.” - Space added between readers and ellipses to prevent oddly placed line break
  • “The reader who waited for the writer’s rise to fame…goes their whole life without knowing the joy of the mystery genre.” - Space added between fame and ellipses to prevent oddly placed line break
  • “…when does this ‘the chicken or the egg’ type of shy love reach the level where can it progress into mutual love…?” -
    Changed to “where it can progress”
  • “Why did you lose heart…before me?” - Space added in middle of ellipses to prevent poorly placed line break
  • “…Why couldn’t…you say it…more simply…?..Idiooooooooooooot!!” - Space added after question mark to prevent poorly placed line break
  • Lady Erika’s reasoning has solved the 5th GAME. No new facts exist that overturn the truth created by this reasoning…!!” - Reasoning is now capitalized
  • Knox’s 1st. It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the story!” - Story is now capitalized
  • Knox’s 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented! Was there ever any foreshadowing showing that you might be the baby from 19 years ago?!!” - Presented and ago are now capitalized
  • Knox’s 2nd!! It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique! If you would show that Kinzo has died with the red truth, then I demand that you display proof of a Human’s truth that could be used to make that point…!” - Technique and point are now capitalized
  • In this case alone, and with the red truth specifically, no counterargument will be valid…!!” - Valid is now capitalized
  • And that itself suggests the possibility that this corpse is a body double! This unidentifiable corpse cannot serve as proof of Kinzo’s death…!!” - Double and death are now capitalized
  • …It cannot be used as foreshadowing to form a basis for Knox’s 9th…!! Mistaking one thing for another is a right permitted to all observers!!” - Observers is now capitalized
  • “All of Aunt Natsuhi’s schemes to make it seem Grandfather existed were hidden in the relatives’ blind spots…” - Changed to “to make it seem like Grandfather existed”
  • “…In other words, this proves that the observer was not OBJECTIVE… Is what you are SAYING…?” - Changed to “Is that what you are SAYING…?” - might revert since this wording is used elsewhere, it just stuck out to me here

…Now that I look at it, that’s a lot more changes than I thought it was. Whoops. :shock:


Been two weeks, oops! Anyways, another update.

Episode 6 is nearly done - I just need to go back and test it to make sure everything works as intended. I’ve also taken the liberty of porting one of MG Umineko’s Ep1 CGs over for use, as I thought it was fitting; I may or may not leave it enabled for the next patch release.

I’ve set up a github repository, you can download the latest version (that’s been pushed to master, at least) from there if you really want to check it out. I can’t guarantee that non-release versions will work as intended - I think the version on the git right now still has a missing background call from when I was testing out CG locations, for example - but they’re there.

On one final note - I’ve ordered in a copy of the Pachislot art book, which should be arriving in a few weeks. Hopefully I can get some high-quality scans out of it to try and restore the completely missing CGs, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Something cool to have on the shelf, either way. :joyful:

EDIT: Ep 5 + 6 release here! I haven’t had time to test it in its entirety yet, so I can’t guarantee it’ll work perfectly, but it should be fine. Same warning as before re: save files.