Umineko Fighting Game: Golden Fantasia CROSS Localisation Acquired by Mangagamer!

Umineko Fighting Game: Golden Fantasia CROSS Localisation Acquired by Mangagamer!

Well well, we certainly didn't expect to be seeing this so soon! Following the recent localisation of the Umineko Question arcs on Steam, Mangagamer have today announced at Anime Weekend Atlanta (NSFW LInk) that they plan to localise Umineko's fighting game: Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS, renamed as Golden Fantasia CROSS! The game will be released on PC via Mangagamer's website and Steam. From Mangagamer's blog:

Drawing from the highly-acclaimed visual novel, this 2D tag-team fighting game features 19 different characters from the series that can be paired to create a wide variety of different match-ups! Combine meta world abilities and fighting styles between partners to create your best tag-team for crushing the competition! Change-up your tag-outs to control the flow the battle–whether pressing an attack, halting a rushdown, escaping from potential stun or guard break, or to recover chip damage–timing your tag is an important key to victory!

The game features local and net multiplayer, as well as a story mode which will be fully translated into English for this release! It's also worth nothing however that this game contains spoilers for all eight episodes of Umineko. If you're still new to the series and don't want certain characters and plot elements broken to you early, we strongly urge keeping away from this release until you're finished with the story. That said, if you don't care about spoilers and just want a fun fighting game, Golden Fantasia is sure to scratch that itch! It's garnered quite a cult following even outside of Umineko fans as a genuinely good fighter.

For those newcomers curious about the game, I recorded myself being beaten up as Battler playing a match with as few spoilers as possible. Spoilers up to Episode 3 were unavoidable, but I managed to keep any content beyond that point out of the video, so if you've read even half of Episode 3 then you're safe to view it.

Only a short while ago had everyone accepted that an Umineko localisation was impossible. Today, we not only stand in a fragment where the Umineko question arcs have been released on Steam, but even the Umineko fighting game has received a localisation. Things are looking very good for English-speaking 07th Expansion fans these days. Will you be picking it up at launch? Let us know how you feel about the news below!

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I’m really regretting not going to Anime Weekend Atlanta, hearing this news in person would have lit up my entire week! I used to play this game a whole lot with my friends around 6 years ago but haven’t touched it in a while, so this gives me a reason to pick it back up again.

Maybe we (Rokkenjima) can start up a Golden Fantasia club and have tournaments when the localization comes out! I’m ready to bring my Kanon / Battler team back!


Can’t wait for this to be released… wasn’t expecting it to actually happen, can’t wait to play the story stuff and actually get through all of it. I mostly played as Lucifer… love her teleporting moves.

That’s great news! I played the normal one (without CROSS) a while ago and it was a lot of fun^^
Can’t wait to get my hands on it :slight_smile:

FUCK YEAH. I didn’t think it’d actually happen. It’s now official, every single game I import from Japan gets a localization soon thereafter. (So Rose Guns Days, TRianThology and Sakura no Uta localization when?)

Now I can start working on disassembling the game and try to make a better AI since the existing AI for the computer players is just hilarious.

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This actually makes me SO happy. Perfect timing, too, since I was just about to have the game imported. Now I won’t have to worry about that! …Though I still might, because I really like to have items I can hold.

This is definitely good news for all 07th Expansion fans who like this game, though I’m not really into games much so I don’t think I’ll be playing. I’m curious though, does the story part of the game reveal anything new about Umineko or is it just a retelling of the events from the VN?

The game features an original storyline, taking place sometime during Chiru, if I remember right.

Oh, I see. That makes me a bit more interested in the game, but I probably won’t play it anyway, like I said earlier.

Now that is a surprise. Not too big on 2D-fighters, although I liked the tag mechanic.

On that note, considering that CROSS has spoilers up to EP8: have there been any announcements regarding a release date for Chiru? Would seem weird for CROSS to come out before Chiru, new readers would be kinda lost (and receive a hefty dose of spoilers).
If not, maybe they plan to release both at around the same time, to capitalise on the sales for Chiru, when it is still fresh.

You mean, AI-Lambda could do more than permanently grab the player at every given opportunity? What a curious thought!

The real question is, who on earth flagged this?

I know this is off topic buuuuuut, @Aspirety ? How many people have to flag something before it gets temporarily hidden?

EDIT: Ahhhhhh I see. Alright, I didn’t realize certain character names could be spoilers but now that I think about it, knowing that a certain character is important enough to be in the fighting game is QUITE a big spoiler. I get it now. I’ve put an SCP meme in to get rid of the spoilers in my quote, as I’ve got a lecture to get to.

Well, this is interesting. :open_mouth:

I’m crossing my fingers that this will be released after the Core Arcs, because otherwise, I’m not picking up this game. Umineko’s story is too good to be spoiled, and even under the impression the fighting game is good, there’s no point to reading a fandisk if I don’t care enough about these characters.

Let’s hope this is an ideal fragment. :pray:

Spoilers I presume.
It is the universe itself that flagged it, no one can stop the universe’s wishes.
No matter how hard you try…

Also the fighting game itself is just meh…
Well that’s just my opinion.

I’m so terrible at this game. I’m still stoked though.

A little disappointed we weren’t contacted to help out since we did the fan translation of the vanilla game, but ah well, I’m happy to see it happen. (I feel like most aren’t even aware a fan translation exists for the first game, haha.)

It was a bit low key. But didn’t you guys only translate the original game? That might’ve been a factor.

I’m pretty surprised that they didn’t announce the first one before this. Are there major mechanical changes that make the second game more palatable then the first? Any idea why they didn’t do the first one?

I’m happy either way of course, never expected this to be released as well!

I was soooo happy when i read this now i finally can play with my Friend again wuhu. I Really hope they revamp the Netcode.

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The Cross expansion includes ever character released for Golden Fantasia/OMK (and at least buffers down Beatrice because God she was beyond god tier until they did).

I do hope they release Chiru before Golden Fantasia though, considering the fact Cross especially operates on people having read through all of EP8. Even some joke ends have certain stuff from Chiru. Mangagamer, I love you and you’re too kind to the WTC fans, but for new fans, it’s like playing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax without playing Persona 3, 4, or Arena. Stuff won’t make sense (and I guess spoilers, too.)


Has Mangagamer given any new dates as to when Golden Fantasia (or Chiru) will be released?
I tried checking their website about maybe a week ago, and there wasn’t really anything for it yet. I wanted to see when it was coming out as well as the price so I could plan to get Steam gift cards around the release date.