Umineko problems (file permission errors?)

Please help me.

When I launched Umineko today, I noticed I had no saves. It was an entirely new game. I thought it odd, so I fast-forwarded to where I left off and saved. I closed Umineko, and opened it again. I had no saves. Again.

So I uninstalled Umineko, thinking maybe a fresh install would help.

I am now running into file permission errors.
I always install Umineko to my second drive, not my primary one.
This drive is connected.

The error I am getting is a “Missing privileges” message, on Steam, and when I try to modify or delete the Umineko folder on this drive, I am told access is denied…and to get it…from myself.

I’m at a total loss of what to do.

Try repairing the gamefiles in case there’s something wrong there. Otherwise look here in case something here can fix it:

If an application needs privileges to work properly, I usually solve that problem by granting it the privileges^^
You could try the following: right click on the Umineko1to4.exe and click on properties.
Switch to the compatibility tab and look for a check box that says something like “Always run this program as an administrator”. Apply the changes by clicking on “OK” and Umineko should now be able to put its saves pretty much wherever it wants^^
Maybe Steam.exe might need the same treatment :confused:
I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I tried this, but the result didn’t change. @Replicator

I had to go into safe mode and delete my Umineko folder.
Once I rebooted into normal mode and redownloaded it, I had no problems…except, I had to fast forward again to where I had left off. Now everything loads properly.

Thanks for your help, everyone!