Umineko Tea Party Podcast 5: End of the Golden Witch

We’re back. It’s been 11 months after the Episode 4 Podcast, but now that Answer Arcs has finally released on Steam, our witch hunters are ready to dive in and reach the core of the witch’s tale. Welcome to Episode 5, End of the Golden Witch. I Aspirety am joined once again by Seraphitic, VyseGolbez and for the very first time Jokrono as we go over our impressions of the episode, and plenty of talk about how damn meta Umineko is getting. Speaking of meta, it seems my gameboard has been usurped by Jokrono; I’m gonna have to see about getting in back in time for the next podcast.

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Shoutouts to @Aspirety for being brave enough to let me handle the edit on this. I hope you all enjoy it :smiley:
I look forward to seeing how everything progresses for the Ep6 podcast.

React :ryukishi: if you want me to continue as game master
React :shock: if you want Aspi to get his board back


React :bern: if you think they’re both giant nerds


Thank you for the shout-outs! It made my day.


Is there any indication when we can expect the Episode 6 podcast to appear?

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We’ve had to bump it back a couple of times but we should be recording it within a week, so it should be edited and up by next weekend at the latest :ryukishi: