Weekly Rokkenjima Calls

Sooo I made another Discord account. I’m waiting to be approved for the Rokkenjima server.

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You need to post in access requests.

I thought I did?

He means in the Discord channel #access-requests. You should be able to see it when you join the server.

Ohh, ok. I feel so dumb!

Im late to the thread but if calls are still happening Id like to join in sometime too!


I’ll be able to join every second weekend on account of the TRPG I was running wrapping up. You can expect to hear my sultry voice starting this week!

RIP. I’m going to a show today at 8pm. See ya guys next week then.

The calls are 1AM my time usually unfortunately. :crying:

However now that I’m on break, if I happen to still be up by then I’ll join. :slight_smile: