Weekly Rokkenjima Calls

As an influx of people has been joining lately, I feel that for the sake of knowing new members and people, we should start doing weekly calls. Hopefully, it can be two times a week at least. I was thinking Friday at 24UTC or 8 pm EST and some other day that is convenient for us as a community. I say this specifically to the members in the American Continent, as I feel that we should be more together. Voice calls, although awkward, can help with easing relationships. However, if you do not have a mic or is too shy to speak and would rather type, that is completely acceptable as well. I feel like this may be a good starting point to further make our members feel inclusive in a community!

Hopefully, some of you guys can join in these times. And please, people under different time zones. Hopefully, you guys would want to host calls as well if you feel like you want to and can do it! I’ll be hosting the first call, and we should start off to know each other. We can improvise on what to discuss, what to play, etc.

Hope to see you guys there. Friday, 8PM EST! (Can be changed if needed)


ah… I hope to join! This sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I work a little later on Friday, but I’ll join in when I get home. I’m looking forward to getting to meet everyone :happy:


Of Course! The calls I hope will be about 2 hours. I understand work and stuff (university and a night time shifts lmao :sweating: ) Join in anytime! Hopefully, as I said, a second day can be decided soon for different people to join too.

Count me in! Though I probably will stick to text…:blushing:

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I am down of course .

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Welcome, it’s our first call, so I expect people to be shy or unable to do calls due to terrible mics or lack of them. Looking forward to it

I’ll see if I can be there.

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I will try, but chances are no because it is Homecoming weekend this week at my school, so I will probably be at our Homecoming football game.

This sounds like a great idea!

Sadly I will be a convention during the first one, but I might be able to join voice chat someday… though I’ll probably resort to text as well… xD

Sure I’ll drop by and say hi if I see you guys on.

I almost threw up the first time I spoke to @StarTurner outside of text, haha. If I had a discord I’d be so in on this…

… One sec, let me make one.

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Is my voice so bad it made you want to throw up? :sweating:

NO no NONONO no, it’s the anxiety I always get when I call someone for the first time! :sweating:

I’m just kidding! I know~ I hope you’ll join in the weekly discord calls, maybe it’ll help you get better with it?

Don’t worry we are all reeeeeal friendly hehehehehe

Maybe, though I’d more than likely just listen to everyone else have fun.

sounds suspicious


Either way after you make your discord account, go to the discord acess page here and post your discord user and number.

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I mean, it’s alright if you don’t want to talk. Just hearing and texting is fine!

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Sure, I’ll join in. Sounds like fun.

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I won’t be able to join in (university applications and timezones, yaaay!) but this is a really sweet thing I hope you all have tons of fun =w=

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