What caffeinated beverage do you like?

Hmm… Well, everyone says tea here… Let’s see. I don’t like soda, for one, but I don’t like energy drinks or coffee either, so let’s just go with tea as well. But only unsweetened. No Kool-Aid tasting teas. Tea should be bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

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Caffeine doesn’t really do anything to me as far as energy but I do enjoy cappuccinos, flavorful teas, and I’m a bit of a coca cola addict.

Also, @NotKyon are you Argentine? Haha

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That’s an amazing quote.

On a side note I was imagining a while ago what it’d be like if (ep2) all the meta-battles between Beato and Battler would have them with tachis holding teacups I heavily regret that this is not the case even.

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If your tea’s bitter you’re brewing it too long.

But absolutely, I can’t stand sugar in tea. Or worse, stevia.

There’s all this love for green and black tea here, but I’m rather partial to white tea. When the leaves are loose and the temperature is just right it can’t be beat


Oh, I actually disagree. Tea’s very naturally bitter, it just becomes a different, almost chemical kind of bitter when brewed improperly. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had White Tea- Is there anything you can compare it to?

@UsagiTenpura, thank you, it’s a favorite of mine that I very frequently default to, whenever beverages are the topic of conversation.

Finally, anybody here ever have Red Tea? It’s not caffeinated, but since we’re discussing tea, I thought I might ask. It’s one of the most distinctive flavors I’ve ever tasted. It isn’t exactly my cup of tea, though. (Heh.)

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xD I actually said so in the first post.
Rooibos is delicious. I thought it was technically not tea tho?


Ah, so you did! Sorry, not sure how I missed that… And it’s not tea? I didn’t know that. I do know that it’s made from needles/pines instead of leaves. Perhaps that’s why?

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TIL red tea is different from hibiscus tea (which also technically isn’t tea). I don’t think I’ve ever had rooibos, I’ll have to try that sometime.

White tea is kind of part way in between black and green tea. It has a very mild and gentle flavor and its a great drink to unwind (and this is a caffeinated beverage thread).

I don’t drink much black tea and I don’t think I’ve ever had proper loose leaf no sugar green tea, but white tea at least isn’t terribly bitter.

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You should try it. I don’t like it too much, but it’s got such a distinctive flavor- There’s really nothing quite like it.

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Tea, Earl Grey, hot.


The only beverages in my house are water and milk…
However do have black, green, white, and puh’er tea leaves if I want tea.

As for the bubblys, I like sprite/whatever lemon-lime thing is good these days. I don’t get to drink it often, so if I see it I’ll probably guzzle it

A nice Green or white tea with some honey as a sweetener is just perfect, also like black tea too.

Black tea is wonderful and there are many types to choose from and I like rose tea a lot too, it has a very sweet and strong flavor and fragrance. I’ve heard about bubble tea quite a lot recently and I am pretty curious to try it soon, too. As for soda and caffeine, I barely have the former, when I do it’s lemon soda and I don’t drink caffeine at all.

I personally dislike tea. I have never ever tasted a kind that I would want to drink twice.

I like soda. I probably like it a bit too much, even. Dr. Pepper is my favorite, but I like pretty much any kind.

Coffee… I like the way it smells and tastes, but I cannot drink it without feeling sick. It’s a love-hate thing.

I just want to say I’m amazed this got 33 messages in the end.
Thanks everyone for sharing your tastes~.


Earl Grey, Hot. Make it 34.


In terms of caffeinated beverages, cola really is the only thing I drink.

With the tea thing, I only drink stuff that’s apparently not even tea. I always thought that tea is hot water brewed with some kind of herbs, but apparently there has to be caffein? Of the not-tea stuff, I like mint tea and several kinds of red tea.

For coffee, I do like the smell, but I don’t like the taste.

But for everyday drinking, I usually just drink mineral water.

Oh, and in terms of energy drinks, I heard too many stories of people getting heart attacks from drinking too much of that that I’m afraid to drink that.

Well, it is tea but not tea made with “tea” leaves. Red Teas and Herbal teas are made from things other than the tea leaf plant used in Green, Oolong, and Black teas. So it depends if you are talking about it being tea as the class of drink or tea as in the plant used to make it.

-drinks a lot of tea and knows various thinks about it-

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Mostly just soda, but I never pay attention to the caffeine in it. I don’t try to stay awake using it or anything like that. I just drink it like any other ordinary drink like juice, except less often. Haven’t found any tea I like yet, and I find coffee revolting.

I mostly drink green tea (mint and cherry blossom being my favourites) as I have no interest in drinking coffee (despite it almost being mandatory in the office where I work :wahaha:). As for soda I try to avoid drinking it if I can.