When They Cry 5 Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation

Considering that Mangagamer had licensed both Higurashi and Umineko there’s probably a pretty good chance that they will license the new game as well. But we’ll see when we know more about it (I guess it also depends somewhat on whether or not they’ll license Higanbana and/or RGD as well)


Well let’s see, according to Wikipedia, there are tons of mythological creatures that take after birds. Though if Ryukishi says that even the title is spoilery, I’d assume that were going to have a FFXV/Bravely Default situation in which the title changes at a certain point, or the creature of focus could be a Chol, Sirin, or maybe just a pigeon considering the city focus. I still want a Nightingale though.

Hmm, it’d be interesting to see Ryukishi tackle an ‘open world mystery,’ considering basing a mystery around a large area can get difficult…But I expect some sort of twist.
I do hope we get new info soon.

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Looks like When They Cry also hopped on the open-world bandwagon.

I think the global story part is most important. This means that the characters will travel all over the world, which I’m sure will be plot significant. We just need to find out a reason why the characters would have to travel this much. Possibly one of those world wide treasure hunt stories? Just a thought.


Aaaaah, I’m getting way too hyped over this.


Changing the setting in that way might really increase the difficulty since detective techniques that work for closed circles and quiet rural areas probably won’t for something of a more urban or open-world type. I’m really excited about that. At last, I’ll have a chance to try and solve the mystery as it comes out, sharing and exploring different theories on this forum in the process!



What’s there to doubt? It’s important to be aware that Japanese studios love making announcements on April Fools.

What about it being When the witches cry?

And the Feathers could be a reference to Featherine or RGD

And, as mysteriously as the update appeared, it’s gone…

Please tell me we did not just fall for an elaborate joke?

I mean, the only part that could have possibly been “fake” there were the feathers and the background.
Doesn’t really seem worth it, but I guess we technically shouldn’t put it past Ryukishi.
He knows we jump at and overanalyze that shit.


Right, and Trianthology was announced on April Fools’ too.

Wonder why it’s gone then?

Could it be possible that the update was supposed to happen later but due to whatever reason, perhaps an error in communication, someone updated the page early?

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There’s no way it was an error. Most likely an attempt to throw us into confusion.

At the very least, Ryukishi DID talk about these things at 07th Expansion Party, that is a fact.

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Oh fuuuuuuuck. I need that.

Think it might be “When The Owls Cry”- fits in with the Dubai skyline and the white feathers, in my opinion. Also, they have a distinctive sound-hooting- just like cicadas and seagulls.

But I really like the angel interpretation- Tenshi no Naku Koro Ni sounds amazing.


Is the Japanese word for owls also 4 syllables long?

Not really, the collected word for owls is フクロウ (Fukurou) written in katakana and not hiragana like the animals in the earlier titles.

Plus owls are seen as bit as a lucky charm in Japan which I feel don’t really fit with the Higurashi cicadas or the Umineko gulls.

One other possibility that might fit the city theme in the next game might be pigeons. While the kanji doesn’t really fit the theme (鳩 hato) there might be a specific type of pigeon that does. I’m trying to look for one right now

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…I see no flowers.

It’s hilarious though how the pic is just inverted colors. And has a badly photoshopped feather.


I was getting worried, with Trianthology, that 07th Expansion’s production values were just getting way too high! I’m relieved that the classic amateur vibe is still so prevalent


I wonder if the backgrounds will be animated like Trianthology’s, or if they’ll want it to be more consistent with Higurashi and Umineko’s static backgrounds.

Well, I guess the rain in Umineko was animated.

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