When They Cry 5 Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation

Use this topic to discuss the upcoming No Naku Koro ni title (aka When They Cry 5) in the leadup to release. All speculation and new details should be shared here! It’s totally gonna be called Hashibuto no Naku Koro ni btw.


When They Cry 5 Teaser Page Published

The 07th Expansion Frontpage has been updated with a new visual on April 1st, depicting a mysterious foggy cityscape at night with flowers in the foreground. The text roughly translates to "The newest work in the Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) series is currently in development."

Not a lot to go off, but at the same time I'm thankful we finally have some fodder to base speculation on! We have some vague indication of the time period this takes place in, and the image of feathers strikes me as somewhat supernatural, but who knows! What do you make of it? Leave your wild speculation below!

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An urban setting would certainly be new after those remote/lightly populated locations.

The feathers could also suggest it’s once again a bird that’s crying, but that’s probably too easy.
When The Pigeons Cry confirmed.


When the Angels Cry?

I am very interested in the idea of the urban setting, yeah. A grand mystery on a scale in the public eye.


According to some tweets from people who attended the 07th Party and listened to Ryukishi talk:

  • The title gives too much away, so he wants to keep it a secret until just before it’s released.
  • The setting is not a closed circle but an open world.
  • He’s wondering how abstract to make it and whether to lean towards entertainment or something difficult to understand that will have people arguing on message boards.

Difficult to understand please! :push:


A WTC in an open world, well that will certainly be interesting! And if the title gives too much away then I really wonder what it can be…

Also, difficult to understand please. I want to experience an entire forum in flames discussing the latest episode :cackle:


Well, for what it’s worth, at the Higurashi event in Japan last year, he asked us participants if we wanted his next work to be something easy and entertaining, or hard to understand, and everyone voted for ‘hard to understand.’


Open World Gameplay confirmed you heard it here first


Updated the article with help from Isae

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Exciting stuff… can’t wait to see what’s in store for WTC5, all aboard the hype train. It’ll be a long ride.

When the Shinigami Cry


Exciting. If the title truly does give too much away, I suppose that probably means it either is directly tied to something from Higurashi and/or Umineko, or perhaps the title references some well-known folk tale, superstition or such.


So it’s Deathnote?

In all seriousness, color me excited! Even though I haven’t even finished Higurashi and Umineko yet. Also, how is translating going to work? Back to the time of fanpatches and in turn technically unsolvable or uninterpretable stuff until everything’s out because language barriers and no one actually knows what underlying themes are actually going to end up being? Or is Ryukishi working together with some localisers that we can expect a western release as well?


Considering that Mangagamer had licensed both Higurashi and Umineko there’s probably a pretty good chance that they will license the new game as well. But we’ll see when we know more about it (I guess it also depends somewhat on whether or not they’ll license Higanbana and/or RGD as well)


Well let’s see, according to Wikipedia, there are tons of mythological creatures that take after birds. Though if Ryukishi says that even the title is spoilery, I’d assume that were going to have a FFXV/Bravely Default situation in which the title changes at a certain point, or the creature of focus could be a Chol, Sirin, or maybe just a pigeon considering the city focus. I still want a Nightingale though.

Hmm, it’d be interesting to see Ryukishi tackle an ‘open world mystery,’ considering basing a mystery around a large area can get difficult…But I expect some sort of twist.
I do hope we get new info soon.

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Looks like When They Cry also hopped on the open-world bandwagon.

I think the global story part is most important. This means that the characters will travel all over the world, which I’m sure will be plot significant. We just need to find out a reason why the characters would have to travel this much. Possibly one of those world wide treasure hunt stories? Just a thought.


Aaaaah, I’m getting way too hyped over this.


Changing the setting in that way might really increase the difficulty since detective techniques that work for closed circles and quiet rural areas probably won’t for something of a more urban or open-world type. I’m really excited about that. At last, I’ll have a chance to try and solve the mystery as it comes out, sharing and exploring different theories on this forum in the process!