A brand new nugget of mystery [GAME 5] [SOLVED]

Hey look, it’s another game by me.

If you still have any questions then the full rules are below, just click to expand!

[details=The Full Rules]>Rule 1: The game will be written ahead of time by the game master, and the story will be posted in the thread. The players must aim to defeat the gamemaster, by answering all mysteries the gamemaster presents them with.

Rule 2: The initial narrative given to players is not necessarily true, but paying attention to it is very important as it is the sole source of foreshadowing.

Rule 3: **If something is said in red text, then it is true.**

Rule 4: Once the narrative has been told, the game begins proper. The players must attempt to answer the lime questions while the gamemaster tries to come up with as many unanswered limes as they can, until the gamemaster loses.

Rule 5: Proper form for answering lime questions is to use blue text to propose a theory that answers the question. The blue should only be used to state theories that answer lime questions. A blue is struck down and made invalid if it contradicts any pre-existing reds. A blue can be struck down by a red after the blue is first put forward, (obviously). A blue is valid as long as it is not struck down by a red, it does not necessarily have to be correct, it just needs to be valid.

Rule 6: If the players cannot succeed and find an answer, then the gamemaster must disclose the solution of the board to at least one trusted person (like a Moderator). This trusted person must then announce (in the red) if the solution “checks out”, or not. This trusted person may no longer participate in the game, and may not disclose the solution unless the gamemaster says they can. If they say the solution does not “check out” due to it contradicting one of the reds or a similar issue, then the gamemaster must privately ask the trusted person why it doesn’t work. If the gamemaster cannot provide a counter argument in private telling the trusted person why it makes sense, then the game is null and void. If this occurs, the bogus solution may be revealed.


But do be aware that things are working a little differently this time. You’ll understand once we start.

The difficulty will certainly take some adjustment as you have to grapple with both the rustiness of your skills and a completely different kind of game than what is normal. I wish you luck~


A number of Voyagers were still gathered in that place, looking at the bizarre gigantic telescope that the sorcerer had manipulated in someway to begin his last gameboard.

Nearly all of them who were here were here because of the rumors surrounding that device and this fragment. An eccentric territory lord who suddenly shifted fields of study, becoming the Sorcerer of Curiosity.

His rearranged magical compendium had allegedly lead him to develop quite the frightening ability, and while his intentions seemed to be harmless for now, he was still a Witch wielding strength that could topple some of the Sea’s most powerful Voyagers, so many had come to check the truthfulness of these rumors.

Suddenly a voice came from behind the gathered group. “It seems you ache to see it in action.”

To normal beings such a thing would be cause for great shock, but Territory Lords are often capable of such ignorance towards the limitations of space so almost all of the gathered party wasn’t too frightened.

Now he was at the machine itself, seemingly adjusting some of it’s settings. “A game should be a good way to show it off, right? A standard battle of Red and Blue should do nicely.”

He pushed a button and the device swung around, aiming at an almost randomly chosen part of the ceiling here. It hummed and it whirred until eventually all of the gathered Voyager’s became aware of a tale that had just begun to unravel on the plane beneath them.

At the Sorcerer’s hip quite the number of red blades began to appear. The rumors appeared to be true. He was capable of observing the truth of other tales without their master’s permission. For any being that exists via illusions the confirmation of the bizarre sounding idle chatter was quite worrying.

“Now then, gathered Voyagers! Let us turn our attention downwards, and chortle at the mysteries of a lower plain.”

And then the story began.

[quote]My parents aren’t home, and it’s getting really late. The rain patters against the window as I toss today’s newspaper in the recycling bin. It said something about a sword obsessed serial killer, although that might have been my imagination, I wasn’t really trying to look at the headline.

I look down to the key in my hand, and a red light gathers at my lips as I speak: “This is the sole key to this house, there is no way to enter or exit this house while it is locked, and using this key is the only means through which it can be unlocked.”

Of course such knowledge wouldn’t be worth much, were it not for the fact that this house is currently locked.

I hold out the key, and I crush it with my bare hands.

I speak again, the tears beginning to gather at my eyes: “Once this key is damaged it is completely impossible to ever use it again.”

My hand lashes out, knocking something important down from the table in front of me. Important to her. But by the time it disappears into the darkness I’ve already remembered how unimportant it really was, how unimportant it had really become, quickly forgetting about it.

I only barely registered it, but it felt as if that thing I knocked down, whatever it had been, was rather important to the truth of this case. I had more pressing matters, as my red lips carved words of the same color into the air.

“There are only two people in this house. Myself and my sister.”

So much knowledge was rushing through my mind, all things I couldn’t explain, and all of it was colored in that tinge of red. I drowned in my senses, who knows how much time passed? When I opened my eyes, I spoke:

“At this precise instant my sister has been murdered inside this house, and she was killed by someone else in the same room as her wielding a bladed weapon.”

“I have not killed my sister.”

And then I look toward the section of the floor the broken key probably flew towards. I can’t see it, but it’s probably in that patch of darkness. Back to my hand.

Floor. Hand.
Floor. Person? No. Just another pointless knick-knack.
Floor. Hand.

A low chuckle escapes my mouth, which devolves into an uproarious fit of laughter.

Now there’s something warm spreading across my chest. I did decide to go through with it after all, this is something I should have expected. Still, I figure someone ought to know that hilarious thing I just realised.

I touch my blood and began writing on the ground in that color of truth, that which no one can deny. My message is simple, the final thing I write as my life slips away:

“I lack the strength to damage that key with my bare hands.”[/quote]

Once the tale was concluded an amused smirk rose to the Sorcerer’s face.

“It’s not usually my style, [color=red]but this particular mystery is fair play. That is to say that demanding foreshadowing is a move available for my side if I wish to deny your theories.[/color]”

As he spoke these words a magnificent red shield appeared on his arm.

“And it looks like shuffling the reds randomly (aside from the ones that clearly refer to time) would likely cause a logic error. And finally, because I know you’re going to bring it up otherwise Crimson: No split personalities are relevant to the outcome of this game!

“And so, let us begin how these games almost always begin. How?

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At some point between when the person stated that they and their sister were the only people in the house, and the point in time when their sister was murdered, the murderer managed to enter the house and kill the sister.

“Come come now! We all know that theory is too vague! How did the killer enter the locked house with it’s sole key destroyed?

Between the time when it was stated that “the house is currently locked” and “I crush it with my bare hands”, the key was used to unlock the house.


Hmm… Repeat it in red: All of the house’s windows are locked and there is no way to unlock them from the outside. Nobody can enter the house through its windows.

Alternately, the key was never actually destroyed. When the character stated that they crushed the key, it was not damaged enough to make it unusable.

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looks in nostalgically from the side


The sorcerer had been fidgeting with one of his red blades for quite some time, clearly restless and barely able to wait to use it.

When the blues were spoken he grinned like a madman and tossed it at the incoming blue darts, completely obliterating them!

No doors were ever locked or unlocked for the duration of this game’s narrative!

The key was used to open something other than a door.

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The only acceptable means of entering a house in this game are through doors!

You can play too Kari I promise.

The thing that our dear narrator knocked down from the table is the key to his sister’s room. Also, how do you make the text blue? :sweat:

While one, or some, of the doors to the house were locked, not all of them were. The killer was able to enter through one of these other doors without unlocking anything.

You make text blue by doing at the beginning of the sentence and

[color=blue]**This is how**[/color]

This is how

The sorcerer sighed seemingly not caring for the theory coming his way.

“No counter required. If you don’t know what I mean then allow me to quote some reds from the narrative:”

This is the sole key to this house, there is no way to enter or exit this house while it is locked, and using this key is the only means through which it can be unlocked.

this house is currently locked.

Hmm, I’m noticing how we have seemingly conflicting reds in the narrative.

I have a few ideas how this actually works.
The “it” in the first truth doesn’t refer to the key.

The second truth only refers to that moment, and as the speaker was dying, he of course lacked the strength to damage the key.


“Kehe~ I guess you solved that one for now!”

With a wave of the Sorcerer’s hand the gigantic blue broadsword was redirected, stabbing straight through a part of the floor that seemed most suitable to represent that particular mystery.

Ok then, so the key was used to unlock a window or the windows do not lock in the first place. The murderer threw a bladed weapon threw the window. The instant he threw the weapon and the sister was killed, the murderer’s hand was in the same room. However, the Sorcerer’s definition of “entered” requires the person to be fully in the room. The murderer is still standing outside and has not “entered” the room. The murderer has simply stuck his hand in through the window.

You know that wording is vague enough that “this house is currently locked” could mean that one door was locked and another wasn’t. But! It doesn’t sound right so I’ll back off.

On a different track, the key was used as a weapon, either to kill the narrator or their sister.