A Seasoned Veteran and a Sherlock-in-Training Try to Make Sense of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Alrighty then. Here’s part 3!

Now with more Gohda, and the introduction of the ‘Chair Culprit Theory’. We will be uploading two parts a week now to keep up with demand, so stay tuned for more fight-man hijinks.


I’m so excited to watch I might actually cry.

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That’s exactly the reaction we were hoping for :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got off recording some more episodes my apologies for the late reply.

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I’ve been having fun watching these as well. Looking forward to seeing you continue the series. If you can upload more than one video a week, that’s excellent.

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Squealed like a little girl this morning. Thanks for more gold


“Let’s measure the distance between Maria and logic.” Don’t call out my daughter like that.

I love your whole reaction to Kanon. And all your voices. And everything.

Pretty major spoilers. That scene after the fertilizer scene is so fundamentally significant and it doesn’t seem that way at all. The narration gives its gosh darn best not to let you know what’s going on but it’s clear on reread it’s Sayo realizing that even as Kanon she’s still in love with Battler which is HEARTBREAKING.


Look, we can’t help it that Maria has a logic deficiency. It’s a very serious issue.

Also yes Kanon is a sweet baby boy that I will protect forever <3

Similar series spoilers: I was having difficulty handling that scene in the moment, especially with Felix’s reaction of ‘oh he’s getting emasculated by everyone else’ given what I know about ‘Kanon’. We’re seeing Sayo meet Battler again after six years of absence and Sayo just freaks out on the spot. I can only imagine the conflicted feelings they are having in that scene, a scene that seems so insignificant otherwise. I’m trying my hardest to stay in tune with the novel and I don’t know if my heart can take it.


We have four episodes now! It’s finally starting to feel like a series and not just a couple of one-offs.

We have a nice family lunch, and I have so many feelings about Kinzo I just can’t hold them in. What a meme of a man.

Also, before I forget (ep4 spoilers): we know my partner’s smart, but I want to see how long we can keep the ghost of Kinzo alive for and of course, how much we can mess with him when his death is confirmed in red. Any tips/suggestions from the audience?


I suppose one way would be to occasionally bring up Kinzo when he’s driven into a corner with some locked room mystery, to maximize the probability of him thinking of theories that use Kinzo to explain the murders. If you keep Kinzo’s “existence” in his mind when he’s figuring things out, he’ll probably add Kinzo to his reasoning, and the more he does that, the more he will be blindsided by the revelation that Kinzo has actually been dead all along.


Next part coming in hot. We learn a lot about Kinzo and his kids in this one, and situate this tale in history.

Things finally get serious in this episode. I’m really enjoying watching my dear friends journey from “what a weird whacky Japan game” to “hey, this story is actually an interesting and well designed piece of literature.” It’ll be fun to see how he develops going forward.

Ep4 spoilers: On a reread it seems like literally everyone in the room knows Kinzo is already dead. It’s amazing how Ryukishi writes this scene so this isn’t apparent, yet it’s exceedingly obvious once you know the truth. I’m also really enjoying looking at Natsuhi and how bad she is at reading the situation, her only defence against the onslaught is to shout and panic even more and as terrible as Krauss is being to her he actually turns out in control of this scene despite his huge disadvantages. Maybe Kraus deserves more credit? (At least in this scene)


Here comes part 6! Right now

This is why everyone needs a Krauss in their lives. What a suave gentleman <3


Is this your birthday present to us all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically it’s Jokrono who uploaded this part, but i will absolutely take credit :wink:

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I just listened to this while taking a shower. I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not it was a good idea.


I have yet to watch this part but judging by the title I’m gonna bet a metaphorical $5 that Felix sings the “THEY NEED A LOT OF MONEY RIGHT NOW” bits.


Alright we’re talking mysterious Epitaphs, we’re talking Rosa being BEST MOM. We’re talking slowly realizing the nature of the story…
It’s good stuff.

We are also introduced to the greatest mystery of all… why do the cousins wear their shoes to the beach?


Two things I love about this part:

  1. (Spoilers for EP 4) Joke or not, Felix is already starting to make a distinction between black magic and white magic.

  2. He starts the rose garden scene feeling okay and jolly and fun about it, then gets progressively less and less okay with it the more he reads.


Finally a way for me to enjoy re-reading Umineko without feeling like I’m missing out on everything the game is trying to convey (again- in my defense I was fifteen when I first played it lol).

Only about 20 minutes into the first video but I love this already.


Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoy your stay~

Speaking of rereading, for those of you who want to communicate on YouTube we’re using the Rot13 cypher to encode spoilers. So remember to use that if you want to talk about future knowledge, or speculation based on arcs we haven’t uploaded yet.