About the Events category

Discuss recent or upcoming events, or organize your own.

This category is for the discussion and organisation of events. Events can be offline or online, ranging from Anime conventions to cosplay shoots in your local area, to Rokkenjima community meetups, online gaming events and photoshopping events. We want to create a thriving community, and that means doing things together! Let’s strengthen our bonds!

  • When posting a topic for a local con, consider if it’s relevant to other members. If it’s a big convention that you know a lot of other members may be attending, then by all means post a topic and try and organise a community meetup, or just discuss how awesome it was. If it’s a small local event in a less populated area that you don’t think many other members will be attending, then you’re probably better off posting somewhere like the General Con Experience topic instead.

  • Photos of 07th cosplayers from an event are very welcome! If at all possible, try to get the permission of the person you’ve taken photos of to upload them here, but we understand that this isn’t always possible, so don’t stress over it. What’s most important is making sure you have the permission to take the person’s photo in the first place!

  • Not 07th related? Don’t worry, this category is much more liberal about following the 07th theme than others. At least make sure it’s something our community members would find interesting to discuss.