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Went to a small convention and want people to hear about your experience? Want to share an album of your photos? This is the place to do it!

Just a quick fun relevant con story. We have a local con called Hamacon and for the past 4 years or so a decent sized group of us take the weekend off and plan around the con. So this was the second year of our little con group, and the second day of the con. I was actually wearing my battler suit that day (I have everything but the red hair…I hate wigs), and this girls comes up behind me and mentions something about how cool it is to see a battler (at this con its rare to see much outside of what you would consider mainstream naruto,bleach,sailor moon ect). So we strike up a conversation about Umineko and Higurashi and how much we love Ryukishi’s works, and she casually asks have I seen the new thing to that Ryukishi had worked on. When I said no she mentioned that it was a project with Key which instantly caught my attention and made me want her to tell me more. So this was the first time I ever heard of Rewrite and proceeded to grab it that very weekend and finish up about a week later.

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I went as Keiichi to my local con (Q-Con) last Summer, going for his school outfit along with a silver bat. I’m too shy to post any pictures but I totally regret not getting a wig (even though my hair is already the right colour!) and I think I looked too generic… Definitely gonna get a wig for the next character I cosplay as. A few people recognised me, but I was also mistaken for the Highschool of the Dead protagonist!

I only met one other When They Cry cosplayer, who went as Rena. We got a few photos together which was cool. I’ll probably be going again this year, so I’ll keep an eye out for more 07th Expansion cosplays.


I’ve cosplayed Keiichi at three conventions: Otakon, Anime Expo, and our small, local con out in west Texas. My fiancee went as Mion with me for Otakon and the local one (but didn’t get to go to Anime Expo with me).

At Anime Expo, I got to meet with @epika and some other cosplayers from both Higurashi and Umineko (there were two other Keiichis), and we also met Ryukishi07 there. He signed autographs, participated in panels, and it was a lot of fun. He was really charismatic and engaging even though he was speaking entirely in Japanese, and he was really amazed that I had the Vita version of Higurashi with me for him to sign. Some drunk guy mistook me for Shinji from Evangelion and refused to believe that I was a different character even when his friends backed me up, which was pretty hilarious.

At Otakon, we were stopped for pictures occasionally. There weren’t a lot of other Higurashi cosplayers, though we did follow another Mion down the hallway for a bit trying to get her attention so we could take her picture.

At our local con, exactly one person recognized us but was very thrilled to see us. He was really knowledgeable about the series, too, and even playfully inspected my bat to make sure I had written Satoshi’s name on it (I had). It was a lot of fun even though nobody really stopped us or took pictures.


I’ve only ever gone to my local convention in Toronto called Anime North, but the past 3 years I’ve been going have been awesome! I specifically remember my first year going, I was cosplaying as the protagonist from Persona 3 and I was talking to my friends from highschool, when I spotted a Virgilia cosplayer. I wa so happy to see someone who knew Umineko that I had to ask her for a picture. Her friend asked one of me first, but then we started to talk about Umineko for 30 minutes before my friends had to tear me away to catch our bus. The rest of the con I also ran into (Umineko Spoilers) an EVA-Beatrice and Erika.

I’m looking forward to this year’s AN and hoping that I get to run into other Umineko fans, don’t know if I’ll cosplay though…


I’ve had some really good experiences with a cosplay group, I cosplay Kanon, in which we have a lot of Umineko characters, (some umineko spoilers here) EVA-Beatrice, Erika, Dlanor, Will, Bern Lmanda, Beato, Ep5 Beato, Piece Beato ( the one from ep2), MARIA, Featherine, Kyrie, Shannon, Chiester 00, Lambdadelta, Bernkastel, Battler, Kinzo, Virgillia, Ronove, ANGE-Beatrice and… Kanon and also I’ve met a lot of people who I could talk about Umineko, and a lot of series that I like, so I’ve really enjoyed conventions

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I cosplayed as Satoko in both Fanimecon and Anime Expo as well as Rika in Anime Expo. A few people recognized me.

I was lucky to meet Ryukishi at Anime Expo, got his autograph as well as had a few of my questions answered.

I’ll be cosplaying as Satoko again this Anime Expo. This time I’ll have a Keiichi plushie with me, hopefully that’ll help.

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Do you have any photos to share of your cosplay?

Yeah! I mostly have Satoko pics though.

Old Maid Time

spoiler for saikoroshi-hen

spoiler for meakashi-hen


Back when I used to live in Southern California, I’d go every year of my high school years except my senior year to Comic Con. The first year I went was how I got into Higurashi, since Yen Press was giving out a manga magazine and Higurashi was one of the previews. I also went to Anime Expo, but that more satisfied my Yugioh fan. The first year I went to Comic Con, I cosplayed as Korona from Kannazuki no Miko and went with my mom’s friend, and another year I went, I went as Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight. I wasn’t fond of the second year because my family came along and they decided to be miserable and ruin everything for me (so no merch that year), not to mention I didn’t stay long because we rode the train there and the only train back arrived an hour after we got there. I didn’t cosplay my third year, but I think I had a good time.

Unfortunately, since I moved to the East Coast, all the conventions are really far away, and the good ones are even further.

Wait what? What convention was this with an 07th Expansion panel that several of our members attended that nobody on the forum mentioned??


Sorry Aspi, guess we all forgot to. It was at Matsuricon.

One of these days I’ll have to actually go to a con. I’ve never been, but I’d love to go to one at some point in my life! It’d be even better if I could meet people from here there! Now if only I could magically get over my hatred of crowds…


Me too, @U4ea. They just never have any cons in Ohio for us to go to!


There is Matsuricon and Ohayocon in Columbus if you can make it there

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So, could someone explain what exactly this 07th Expansion panel was about? I need details! Was Ryukishi in attendance? @smileypers0n

He was not in attendance. We did an hour long presentation on various 07th expansion things like Umineko, Higurashi, Higanbana, Rose Guns Day, etc. it was mainly to share the existence of 07th expansion and to try and get more people to join in on the fun.

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So you were one of the hosts?

Yes. There were three others, but only two of them have accounts here (as far as I know). Mr Dent already said he was, and there was also UndeadHope(she doesnt speak much on here. I dont even know if shes introduced herself)

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Damn, I would’ve loved to promote this and get a Rokkenjima meetup happening :frowning:

Did you get a recording of the panel or anything?