About the Gameboards category

Craft and participate in Gameboards designed to stave off boredom.

This category is reserved for those who wish to stave off boredom by participating in and crafting in their very own Gameboards. The rules of each Gameboard are to be determined by the Game Master creating them, so we’ll grant each game master the freedom to craft the kind of Gameboard they wish to make. Each Gameboard will vary in the degree of role-playing involved, and the degree of involvement of participants.

  • When crafting a Gameboard, make sure to clearly state all the rules, and take responsibility to ensure that all your participants can enjoy your Gameboard. Use flags when necessary to deal with those breaking rules.
  • Participants must ensure they abide by the rules of each Gameboard and act with respect toward the Game Master, and fellow participants. Act with respect at all times.
  • General forum Code of Conduct applies.