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Have a general question for fellow 07th Expansion fans not warranting an entire topic? Maybe you’re confused about how Higurashi’s extra arcs fit into the story, or you’re looking to buy some merchandise but can’t find it, or you’re having technical problems with Umineko. Fire off any questions you have, and our community will do their best to answer!

Just make sure to keep the forum code of conduct in mind, particularly our policy on spoilers and piracy.

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Higanbana, Rose Guns Days, Trianthology, ect. I want to buy them, but…do they have any English patches?

Higanbana and Rose Guns Days do, I believe. Trianthology doesn’t yet.


Yes, an English translation of Higanbana is available from Spider Lily translation here while the English translation of Rose Gun Days are available from Witch Hunt (the translation team behind Umineko) here.

Both titles used to be available from Mangagamer (in Japanese but with links to the above translations) but the license expired so hopefully they’ll receive a Steam release at some point.


Thank you guys for your answers. Very helpful, told me exactly what I wanted to know! I appreciate it.

You can still purchase Rose Guns Days Best & Trianthology over at AmiAmi if you’re looking to purchase the Japanese releases?


Does anyone by any chance know if the translation here for Rose Gun Days works for the “best” version? I don’t care about having the extra part(s) translated but I found a copy somewhere that I’d love to buy, but without the translation it would be somewhat meaningless.

The ‘best’ version is not officially supported by the witch hunt translation, so I’m unsure as if it’ll work. If you can find the ‘Last Season’ version, that one is the correct version.
Take a look here:
EDIT: Also here;
You can see the patch is for the Last Season version.


I believe you can still patch Best, it just reverts to the Last Season version. Don’t quote me on that though, maybe someone who’s actually done it can clarify this matter.

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Thanks for the quick responses. I’ll continue my search for either someone who has tested this patch on The Best or just for a version of Last Season I could buy instead.

@soggysadboi confirmed back in September that the patch does indeed work, but reverts to Last Season version like @Karifean said.


Does anyone know whether the last three Higurashi manga arcs (Utsutsukowashi, Kokoroiyashi, Hirukowashi) were translated for sale in the west? Doesn’t look like it but I wanted to be sure.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure they never were.

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What’s up with this new When They Cry series? I’ve been gone from here for quite a few months and have missed all of this, can anybody provide a link or something to some page that has the details or just explain it to me themselves?

This is all we’ve got so far, there’s some more info in the comments of that post. In case it doesn’t say it there, it’s meant to come out this year!

Ah, thanks for the info, Rika. Still seems to be very lacking in details though, but I’m excited. Speaking of, has a release date been confirmed yet or it’s just set for release this year for now?

I don’t expect it to release this year. IIRC the announcement was that it would start being developed this year, not that it would be released this year.


Is anyone aware of the Japanese console-exclusive Higurashi arc Miotsukushi Omote being online anywhere in some form (transcript, video etc.)? Or does anybody own it who’d be willing to share? There are some parts I’d like to see translated and I have someone who could potentially do it if I only had the actual material. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it’s on the list of arcs 07th Mod plan to translate at some point, so give it time! I fully intend to do a Tea Party on it when it’s released!

You can vote on which arc they’ll do after Kageboshi here:

But personally I’d rather they do some of the other arcs before getting to Miotsukushi.

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Thanks, I’m aware! Just impatient and worried in the worst case the project will die :’) I’m kind of surprised people aren’t most interested in Miotsukushi actually, it’s a lot lower than I expected.