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Haven’t picked up much this season, but I’m open to recommendations! I’m really enjoying Rewrite, despite some of the negative reception it’s received from fans of the VN. Other than that I’m watching the Danganronpa anime(s).

I’m watching planetarian, Rewrite, Gyakuten Saiban, Re:Zero and the two Danganronpa 3 series actively. I also have Amaama to Inazuma on hold until all of it is out.

planetarian is great. Probably the best visual novel adaptation I’ve ever seen, provided they don’t fuck up the last episode. And sure planetarian isn’t exactly difficult to adapt, but even so, man did they ever do a great job with it.

Rewrite is going pretty alright so far if you ask me. I’m quite curious to see where the story will go and so far I rather like the way they use the girls’ backstories to further the setting. It has its issues, but it’s fun to watch.

Gyakuten Saiban seems to switch between being a good and bad adaptation all the damn time. My biggest annoyance with it being that they don’t really manage to capture the best scenes from the game. And they also skipped my favorite case in the series. Either way, I hope they’ll do case 2-4 justice.

Re:Zero is quite good. I’m not as fond of it as the anime community by and large seems to be, but I still have high hopes for it. It has some nice character development already, if it just does something with it I’ll be satisfied.

Danganronpa 3 is going splendidly. If you ask me Despair arc is the better one of the two, but Future arc just had a really good episode as well; which also made me start watching a playthrough of Another Episode fwiw. I just hope they end up with some sort of wow-factor to them.

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Oh damn, how did I forget planetarian? I guess ONA didn’t occur to me, haha

I am trying to watch Love Live Sunshine, but have been at war with the Funimation app, and being in the middle of a move have not felt like doing extensive troubleshooting just to have a new ISP.

I have watched Rewrite and Sweetness and Lightning but I am behind on both right now. I can’t tell what I think of Rewrite at this point - I find myself asking people who haven’t played any of it about how the pacing has felt for them as it can be hard to be a fair judge since I was poking at the VN even recently.

I was so disappointed by episode 1 that I dropped it instantly. I am glad there has been some high points, but I can’t bring myself to do much more than appreciate the GIFs.

I’m currently watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans in my free time, and also plan to watch the Rewrite anime when it’s done airing.

I’m really enjoying IBO, the Gundam anime tend to have different themes depending on which you watch, and it seems that this one has a big focus on family, definitely worth trying if you have the time.

I’m currently watching Love Live Sunshine (YOHANE MY CHILD) and the Despair arc of the DR3 anime because I love the SDR2 world Enders so much (though with the reveal of who is behind the thing in the Future Arc, I might care more about it), and of course, I’m really deep into the Part 4 anime of JoJo!

I’m gonna be honest, I’m proud of Aqours and the fact that an episode spoke out about how people who are like “they’ll never be as good as Muse” went there (and I love Chuunibyou characters so much!) I’m glad DR3’s Future Arc is pulling from Another Episode instead of the expected “Damn it’s Junko who even is surprised”. I’m glad that Despair Arc is showing the SDR2 characters, but I felt the Twilight Syndrome episode was rushed and not focused on the characters it should have focused on (and the latest episode can just be summarized as “DAMN IT KOMAEDA but especially damn Jin you deserved getting executed with your bad priorities.”)

And lastly, this part of JoJo doesn’t require a lot of knowledge of previous arcs, and it’s the arc of JoJo that Persona 4 is based on, so if you know that game, that should give some idea of what Diamond is Unbreakable/Not Crash is about. It’s fun to see the main character Josuke grow more confident in himself but still remain a boy with a kind heart who wants to keep his hometown safe. There are many serious episodes like the Nijimura Brothers arc, the Angelo arc, and the episode called Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure, but there are a lot of light-hearted episodes as well like one where they go to an Italian restaurant, and the creator Araki is a master of conveying multiple emotions while also including some funny elements. The only reason I’d dissuade somebody from watching it is if you get extremely squeamish about animal injuries, since a lot of stuff happens to animals (a turtle gets hurt in the first episode alone, but Josuke heals it, and an episode is centered on hunting rats), but otherwise, I’d recommend it! It’s as Josuke would say, great!


I’m following Danganronpa 3, and I think it being an anime actively hurts the experience.

Watching quite a bit of stuff, but I have to say, one of the funniest things I’m watching is Kono Bijutsubu Ni Wa Mondai Ga Aru. Great gags, decent romance(but I wouldn’t watch it just for that).
If you want great romance I’d point you to Hatsukoi Monster

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I actually think the anime format helps a lot; it’d be hard to do things like flashbacks, multiple concurrent storylines (as in: Future and Despair sides), multiple removed 3rd person viewpoints, etc. So far, I’ve deeply enjoyed both parts.

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I agree. While SDR2 changed over to Komaeda’s POV briefly in the game, it’s one of the only instances in the series up until DR3 where that occurs (it occurs briefly in the novels, but If generally sticks to Ikusaba’s point of view and Zero usually sticks to Ryouko’s point of view). And the way the two parts air, it explains important things in both that would be hard to convey in a game. I’m pleasantly surprised by the Future Arc’s writing but not too fond of the Nanami focus in Despair Arc (though I absolutely love Chisa-sensei, and she has the same VA as Rena).


Love Live Sunshine is the only thing I have stayed on top of this season. I am in love with Hanamaru, though Mari (and Yohane, and Dia) are always gunning for top spot too. I think while some of the base choices for the plot have not been my favorite I love the execution so far. I like that Chika is empowered by the fact that she does not know the long history of μ’s, and super-fans like Dia are held back from how they frame them. It really ties in with the shows relentless positive message about jumping in and trying your best.

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Man I added quite a bit to my list, but right now I’m really following:

Pokemon XY&Z
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
New Game
Amaama to Inazuma
Shokugeki no Souma

I’ll catch up to the others like Hatsukoi/Ace Attorney when the anime ends.

I’m really enjoying the first three a lottttttt. I’m excited about Rewrite as well, I’m hoping for a second season though. <3

Anyone have any idea on what they’ll watch this upcoming season, I’m thinking about

www. working
Okusama ga seitokaichou
and Ajin 2

I plan on checking out Touken Ranbu and I will for sure be watching Euphonium and Teekyuu. I moved over the summer so I ended falling behind on everything that I wanted to watch that wasn’t Love Live, so I will probably be playing a lot of catch up.

Even though I haven’t been up to much I know how you feel, I always tend to fall way behind on the shows I watch so I end up just binge watching them at a later date.
Also hope your move worked out well.

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This season I’ve only been following planetarian, Jojo, Mob Psycho 100, and Gyakuten Saiban.

planetarian was a great adaptation, I actually teared up during the projection scene. Would recommend.

Ace Attorney has been pretty meh as an adaptation, but it’s still great to see Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Maya on screen so I don’t really care.

Jojo is on Part 4, which is my personal favorite arc from the manga, and they are blowing it out of the park!

Mob Psycho 100 might be my pick for best summer anime though. It’s by the same guy who wrote One Punch Man but definitely has more substance behind it. The adaptation is one of the best manga adaptations I’ve seen in years, with AMAZING art direction and animation. I mean really, here’s the ED:

That’s paint on glass animation which is featured rather prominently in the show itself. The show itself is brilliant in art and in directing, even if you don’t get behind the unique style. A must-see if you’re into sakuga or just want a unique interpretation of a common setting!

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Huh. I never replied to this post. Anyways, so far I’m on track to finish Planetarian, Love Live Sunshine, Rewrite, New Game, and maybe Konobi. My favorite has been planetarian because I think they did an amazing adaptation for an amazing story. My actual favorite full length anime of the season is Love Live Sunshine. I was blown away by how good it was and it manages to get better and better every episode imo.

For next season, there isn’t really much that I find appealing though. I’ll probably watch a few SoL but that will be basically it.

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I haven’t seriously watched anime (sans Kekkai Sensen) since 2013. Anyone know any potentially interesting currently airing (or potentially airing) anime?

Well, this year and in upcoming years, they’re gonna be adapting a lot of Fate novels into animes, particularly the Heaven’s Feel route from the original VN, and since no translator has the balls to deal with the copyrighting licensing to get the original VN translated, the anime’s pretty much the only way to go to get the story. There are going to be adaptations of two other Fate games: Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Extra (though I think one based off Fate/Grand Order might be coming?), both of which my friend has said are excellent games, so hopefully they don’t pull an infamous quality job and the fansubs don’t give us a “PEOPLE DIE IF THEY ARE KILLED” job.

I’d recommend the upcoming JoJo OVA but you’d have to watch the JoJo anime that just finished in December for it to really make sense (though that’s hilarious since JoJo lives up to being bizarre.)