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Let use know what you think of the website here! With your feedback, we hope to make Rokkenjima an enjoyable community for everyone. If you have something in particular you’d like to draw everyone’s attention to, don’t be afraid to make a new topic!

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I like the way the site looks! It feels like the logical dark side to Kazamatsuri’s friendly light. (Not to say the people here aren’t friendly… ^_^; )

Something I have noticed is that the site currently lacks off-topic threads. Are they still allowed here or is the site purely focused on 07th Expansion topics? I don’t have a topic in mind at the moment, but it would be nice to know if it is possible should I come up with an appropriate topic. Thanks!


You’re welcome to make off-topic threads!

There’s an off-topic category, but since we just launched, there hasn’t been anyone around to make any threads in it ^^

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Three things I’d like to see touched upon.

The first is the text margin, on my monitor, the second line in a post starts after the first line reaches 3/4 or so of the grey band on which the posts are. In other words, there’s a huge margin on the right. No need for that huge margin in my opinion.

The second is that we need red/blue/golden text :stuck_out_tongue:

Make them hidden features so that people don’t get spoiled though haha

And the third is that a dedicated spoiler button on the posting interface would be pretty rad if possible.

Oh, there’s a reason for the first one: it houses links to related topics! See the Umineko general topic for an example (and this post, now that I’ve linked it). It’s also where “Reply as Linked Topic” appears once you get the appropriate trust level.

(Having too wide text also hampers readability a fair bit; your eyes need to move in a way that makes it easy to lose track.)

Also, We have colored text already! Use it like:

[color=red]There are only 5 master keys.[/color]

(This is also in the FAQ).

I agree about the spoiler (and perhaps color) buttons though, it’s just a little difficult to add buttons there. Both the spoiler plugin and the color plugin are official, from the creators of Discourse themselves, so it’s a little strange that there aren’t…


Woah, thanks a lot! Sorry for not reading the FAQ beforehand, I usually prefer to delve right in. ^^

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