Higanbana Bookclub Podcast 1

At long last, the curtain is raised on the Higanbana Bookclub Podcast. For our first event, we’ll be gathering to discuss the three opening chapters of Higanbana, along with some general overview of Higanbana’s development history and our first impressions of the series. I Aspirety am joined by three fresh faces to the Rokkenjima Podcast: Mr. Dent, MagusVerborum and FlareNetworkC. The Bookclub is off to a great start, and we hope you’ll continue joining us on this journey! If you too would like to be on the Podcast, be sure to apply on our Applications Topic, we’d love to try you out!

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Good Podcast everyone!

I never thought of Ryuukishi’s use of the word “natural” was supposed to be a way where we were supposed to sympathize or empathize with people doing terrible things, but instead a way to make the reader meditate on how without proper compassion the worlds and systems we live in often make it very easy and even reward people for that behavior. Maybe this is just me, but by highlighting the way the world makes this kind of atrocious behavior easy and possible I felt it is all the more important as an individual to be doing what you can to help people and be vigilant for such situations.

Its crazy the journey that Higanbana has had before it reached this visual novel form. I am glad that Ryukishi was as dogged about this story being told and being told correctly because it is clearly a gem.