Higurashi When They Cry Ch. 5: Meakashi is coming soon to Steam!

Higurashi When They Cry 5: Meakashi is coming soon to Steam!

Big news has come forth! The time has finally come for our questions of the town of Hinamizawa to be answered! Mangagamer has announced that they are releasing the fifth chapter of Higurashi on steam and their site on April 28th. This fifth installment of the franchise is the first of the 'Answer Arcs', aka Kai. Himatsubushi concluded the 'Questions Arcs' so, now readers will finally be able to test their theories against the truth of what really happened. Meakashi provides the full story of the Watanagashi arc, so fans of Mion and Shion will have a lot to enjoy here! But be warned, it gets pretty nasty. Please look forward to meeting Satoshi in Mangagamer's release of Meakashi later this month!

While on the topic, have you heard of our Higurashi Tea Party? It's an event which sees the entire Rokkenjima community join together to discuss and share theories regarding Higurashi's chapters. So far we've covered Onikakushi and Watanagashi, but we're still looking for newcomers to Higurashi to join us for a podcast on Tatarigoroshi! If you're reading along with the Steam release and feel like joining us on the podcast, be sure to apply here! And even veterans to Higurashi can join in for some new discussion and celebration of the work on the forum. Let's solve the mysteries of Hinamizawa together and have some fun!

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That’s great news! I feel like Meakashi is a favorite chapter for a lot of people and it has some of the most memorable scenes. Also DAI! And my friend will probably finish Question Arks in time for the release.

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Oh man, my favorite chapter~

I’ll have to catch up now. Wouldn’t want to have to postpone this.

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Also my favourite chapter, feels like it’s time for a reread of the question arcs in preparation for it.

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As a big fan of Watanagashi I have been looking forward to this one for quite a while. Can’t wait.

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And we’ve started the Answer Arcs! Suddenly all the Hou exclusive arcs don’t seem so far away…

Well, we’ve seen what Satoshi and Kasai look like- I can’t wait to see Keiichi’s sprite!

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The announcement has come, has it? Time to reread Watanagashi, I suppose, and work on my theories…