Rokkenjima Podcast Applications

Link to mic check 2
Link to mic check 2 with audacity noise remover applied.

Judge yourself, I’m not gonna spoil.


After messing with the noise removal settings, I managed to turn this fresh recording into this. I think that should be good enough, right?

Your links are broken, could you reupload?

Mic Check 2:

Mic Check 2, noise kinda removed:

Mic Check 3:

Mic Check 3, noise (completely?) removed:

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Hey guys, we need applicants for next week’s Tatarigoroshi podcast! Newcomers to the series will have top priority, but feel free to apply even if you’re an experienced Higurashi veteran.

Test, test~

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Once again, shouting out to everyone who might be interested in joining the Tatarigoroshi podcast! Whether you’re new to Higurashi or not, we’d love to have you.

Please post in this topic to express your interest! Don’t assume I already know you’re interested, it’s been way too long since we last tried to get it moving.


I’m new to this forum, so I don’t know how exactly your podcast work. But I might be interested, if it matches my schedule and I’m fit to participate.

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…I don’t know how I missed that there’s an entire topic for this. So yeah, I’d like to apply, and I’d like to make a soundcheck with someone (probably Aspi) as well, as I’m not sure if the problem with my mic we encountered on Kaza that Aspi told me about back then was actually me screwing up options for recording or if I need a better mic. If I need a new mic, I’d also like advise for what I need to look out for for that.

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I’m definitely up for it! Although I’ve already gone ahead and read himatsubushi though it really doesn’t spoil much of the story haha.

Here’s hoping we can get more than 3 people this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminder that we still need a cast for the Himatsubushi Tea Party podcast this weekend! Preference goes to new readers.

It would be fun to join in on something like this, but talking isn’t my strong point. Good luck to everyone applying, hope whoever gets to be involved has a lot of fun with it!!

So I was informed that I need to reapply for Himatsubushi. Consider this done with this post.

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You can consider this my formal application for the Himatsubushi Tea Party! Can we work out if there will be any audio issues, Aspi?


For the Meakashi Podcast we’re accepting newcomers as usual, but we’re also looking for veterans who LOVE Meakashi and want to gush about and analyse the story on the podcast with us. If that sounds like you, please apply!


I would really love to join the podcasts again, especially considering how important Meakashi is to the continuity of Higurashi…

But it seems I am fully booked on both the weekends of June 17-18 and 24-25 so uh… Let me know what you think

We’re recording on the weekend of the 24th.

Okay, that weekend is a bit unfortunate for me, as my birthday is on Sunday and thus I have to expect (and answer) phonecalls throughout the day. Wanted to say that I’d be okay to sit that one out anyway, considering that there’s a bunch of people that really like Meakashi (looking at you, @Karifean). I’ll try to make something work should you really not get enough, though.

I really want to join this one. I haven’t been on a podcast since Watanagashi and my status as a series newcomer would be valuable. The only kinks I have in that plan are potential summer employment and my ability to catch up with the Tea Party, but chances are I’ll have a schedule that will allow me to do both of those things.

So, just in case you don’t have enough people, Aspi, I’ll catch up for you~! /o/

Yeah definitely can’t make it that weekend :frowning: but if by any chance you guys plan to resched I’ll be up for it!

Waheyyy my birthday is on monday!

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