How would you feel about

A possibility of Netflix or some other streaming service creating a remake of the Higurashi and Umineko animes? This sorta came to my mind after discussing the possibility creating a Berserk anime due to the success of Castlevania on a discord server I’m a part of.
Personally, I think both novels would be immensely successful on streaming services as each season could have as many episodes as needed and all episodes would be readily available instead of a week to week basis. Another advantage would be less content restriction as WtC is known for its violence and also the fact that it could be subbed and dubbed simultaneously (shut up you know you want to hear Ray Chase as Battler).

I suppose the only downside would be the wait between seasons, but I think it would be worth it. Well, what are you guys’ thoughts on this sort of matter?

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Why not? As much as I feel it may be very difficult to create a proper Umineko adaptation, I would simply love more WTC anime content. I feel like it would draw even more potential readers, not to mention how much fun it would be to discuss it.

It’d work well. But I feel they should do a manga adaptation as they seem to get quicker to the point. But needless to say the likelyhood of this is well…slim. :crying:

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I would personally prefer to see how the shows Netflix has already funded turn out before I would give my true opinion about whether or not I would like it if Netflix would redo Umineko or Higurashi. I like Japanese media because of their unique approach to how they tell stories. If Netflix allows whichever studio they are funding to do what they always do then yes, it would be amazing for them to do that. But, if they don’t then it just depends on how much they interfere with the original story that was presented

I mean Netflix usually produces quality shows. Do you not have Netflix? Some of the best shows right now are on streaming services. Its won 20 emmys by now.
And personally i don’t really agree with the mindset that Japanese media have a unique approach to storytelling, honestly I think it just boils down to the writer.

But in terms of interfering with the original story, I can see some improvements that could be made, but it I can see some changes being made in order to appeal to American and European audiences. Though I’d say Umineko wouldn’t need that many changes since it kinda has the same appeal Baccano did. Like it feels more ‘western’ in a sense.

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Yeah but still the only anime property that Netflix has done so far is the live action Death Note which is the only thing I could possibly go off of atm. So until I have a larger pool to see what the shows they put out, I am going to suspend judgement

I mean that’s not true.
There’s Castlevania, Voltron, and Little Witch Academia. All of which are pretty decent to good shows. And I’d say their non animated shows show Netflix is perfectly capable of handling the themes of When They Cry.
LWA is especially relevant since its actually made from a japanese studio and wasn’t broadcasted but instead put on Netflix first.

I knew about LWA but are Castlevania and Voltron Japanese Media? And with LWA did they help produce it or did they just distribute it?

Castlevania and Voltron are actually produced by Netflix but are pretty good. And with LWA I’m not sure. I have to look it up. It actually seems to have just been distributed by netflix.

That’s what I thought I remembered. All that I am personally saying is that I am going to wait for Netflix to put out a few shows before I pass a real judgement on wether or not I would like Higurashi or Umineko to be adapted by them

To be honest, I can’t even begin to imagine a good Higurashi and especially Umineko anime. Maybe because my opinion is colored by DEEN’s adaptations, and admittedly they should be easier to adapt than most VNs since they don’t have routes but the insane amount of text or the way Umineko relies a lot of the internal narration makes me think the only way an anime would work would be with a really competent director that actually cared and worked closely with R07, rewriting stuff when necessary.

Higanbana would probably work as an anime though, but you don’t need Netflix for that.


Umineko: No way. Nope. You can barely fit in the game’s current OST into the timeframe of a single season. How’d you get around the entire red truth?

Higurashi: Perhaps. It’d need a couple seasons.


Umineko’s unreliable narration and vast usage of it in order to compose not only the storytelling, but also the mystery and metafictional elements overall would never work well in any medium outside the written one.

I really think it kinda is non-adaptable at this point, it just wouldn’t work. The size isn’t even the biggest problem here.

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I would hate Umineko to go mainstream in a sense, but on another hand it deserves to be known. I think it could be turned into a successful anime, but with a time and dedication. I would like to use Agatha Christie’s works as an example, there is countless movies and shows based on her stories. Yes, you could argue that Umineko is more complicated with it’s twits and turns and two layered truts - but I think if someone was to make a new anime there should be way more episodes than there is in the original.

Umineko’s limited perspective from being a VN is part of what helps preserve the mystery elements of the crime scenes. Depicting the crime scenes would eitherhave to involve deliberately lying to the viewer by showing things that aren’t true and then pulling it out of nowhere, or making the viewer doubt stuff based on Battler not seeing stuff and then making stuff seem very suspicious. Either way it’d lead to the mystery being lessened to a bit, scale issues aside when it comes to stuff like Bern v. LD , so the anime adaptation would suffer twofold.

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I think that Umineko its really hard to adapt because the narration thing, but i can’t lie that it would be cool to see Battler vs Erika or Will vs Bernkastel animated.
Higurashi is more plausible.(But they would miss a lot of things again like in the anime i guess Ryukishi novels are really long)