Mafia Under the Clear Sky(Game Over)

There were two possible protections in the game, that’s where the balance probably comes in. A shame that we lost that night 1.

Many thanks @Contessa for hosting! It was awesome having a less crazy game for a change and I’m definitely interested in joining any of your future games if you feel like hosting again~

Yep! Well I didn’t know if you were the doctor or some other power role, it’s just your way of asking for potential targets for power roles was highly suspect to me, since you usually don’t ask that =P

@King_Titanite_XV Our abilities were a factional night kill, a factional one-shot roleblock and a single revenge kill.

oh wow ok then
remind me to not show up for these games again, there was basically no chance of winning there
if both teams played bad, witches win, obviously because information doesn’t go round well
if both teams played well, too bad, roleblock on protects so witches win again even if you get one of them as revenge kills a townie letting witches push for game
if both teams play PERFECTLY, then town has a chance unless the witches shoot the doctor, in which case witches win AGAIN

am i being stupid here? like i was siding with the witches in my head wanting a cool play to happen and loved the Vyse VS Kari move there, thinking Vyse might be using a witchside ability to know that considering the precise nature of their bullets so far, but this has totally flipped my opinion on the subject

if it was non factional and on players, I still think it would be hard for the townies to win unless the witches were incompetent

someone please explain to me this? i know i haven’t played a proper mafia in a while (mafia 4 doesn’t count since i was fucked in the head so mafia 3 was the last regular game i played) but this seems SO one sided

I made three big mistakes in this game.

(1) Assuming there would be a lynch on Day One. I talked about this in the dead chat, but the No Lynch Day One is a common fallacy that propogated from epicmafia years ago and seems to be in most mafia communities now. It’s bad, don’t do it people. The simple line is “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take”, the town’s primary way of ending the game is by lynching–unless there’s a very dire pressing reason, even lynching someone randomly is better than doing nothing. Power roles are a perk, not the main way of winning the game, never forget that. I designed the setup around the idea that there’d be an even number of players each day(baring doc saves, which give a +1 to the day count, and the vengekill, which would put things even permanently). With the no lynch on day one, that was thrown out the window and the game became immensely scum-sided.

(2) Forgetting terminology and conventions. Friendly Neighbor(for example) is a very common role where I play that would have been immediately town-confirmed day two with zero doubt. Other things like Witch/Mafia, etc etc, all play into this as well. I’ll endeavor to fit in better next game I design here.

(3) I forgot to add the LyLo clause to the Vengeful clause of the mafia. Usually, these abilities turn off if the game is in a LyLo situation but I just blanked out and forgot to add that.

That all being said, the setup(scrubbed of flavor, as I said the flavor was literally off-the-cuff and random) was as follows.

2x Vengeful Mafiosos+factional 1-shot roleblock
Town Friendly Neighbor
Town 2-shot Doctor
Town Vanilla Cop(Vengeful does count as a power role, so this was intended to catch all the scum)
5x Vanilla Townies

So, the town gets one protective role, one confirmed town, and one quasi-investigative role(which Vyse played very well by the way!). The roleblock was a fail-safe in case we got into a “protect the cop” situation that often happens, and the Vengeful kill was to put the game back to odd numbers.

Of note, only the first vengeful kill mattered. The town win condition was killing all mafia, while the mafia wincon involved having at least one person alive. The situation that happened here(going into LyLo with both mafia alive in an odd day with X/X-1 alive) was the absolute worst case scenario. I was worried going into day three that this would happen, but I knew Vyse had the soft guilty on Kari, which almost panned out. I’m surprised by that actually–with the Friendly Neighbor already revealed, a 1-S cop+vanilla cop would seem to me to be way too much. But, alas.

Anyways, I had fun moderating this game and being a cold-hearted cannibal, so there’s that. I hope everyone involved had fun as well, despite how the game ended up playing out.

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It seems you have me all figured out. I hope you’re able to play next time King Titanite

Rokkenjima Mafia meta yay~ The addition of the narrative in the mainline games really is a game-changer as you gain more than enough information to make up for foregoing the first lynch. And while I agree that it’s typically better to lynch than not in games with few power roles (which to be fair we haven’t had in a while on here) the LyLo over MyLo argument isn’t without its merits.

Also scumhunting isn’t much of a thing on here yet. No 900 post long Day 1s with people posting reads and claiming and baiting and slipping up constantly. That sort of thing takes a while to establish itself~

I’m rather curious about the dead chat. How were things over there?

Quiet, there was some activity on the last day but it wasn’t particularly notable. They didn’t know who to side between you and Vyse, although they leaned towards you.

Also god I hope we don’t get to 900+ long days. There are massive diminishing returns on posts vs content over time, at some point it just becomes impossible to wade through and hurts the town. I’m the type of person who would gladly roll a dice and lynch that person day 1 though with no thought to alignment or composition though.

well can’t guarantee anything, ive been through a VERY tough time…
that and to be honest i don’t want another game to occur until the tea party is done
Oi @Aspirety, come in here to plug the tea party!

Thanks! May I also point out what ridiculous luck I have with always ending up with some kind of Cop each time I’m Town? Like, seriously!

I did think that, I just didn’t realize that we were in LyLo. Actually, no, technically it was MyLo. I did say during that day that it’s extremely risky, but I was basically hoping Kari would reveal his partner.

Awww, but I wanted to know the silly stuff you came up with! Well, then I’ll talk about myself on my own, then. My power was named after a Touhou spellcard, namely Seventh Duel "Wild Deserted Island". This thing, if you’re unfamiliar with Touhou:

And it amused me to no end how danmaku of all things could figure out power roles. It amused me that much, in fact, that I did an image edit for my first night:

So I’m interested how the other abilities were called. I already know that Kari’s stuff was called Love Sign "Master Spark" (faction kill), Magicannon "Final Spark" (revenge kill) and Kleptomancy (roleblock). While the final one isn’t a spell card, it does fit Marisa. Oh, and we talked about that after the game, so I thought it was fair game to ask, then.

Exactly what I did day 1. Make that another addition to Rokkenjima Mafia Meta: Randomness somehow picks out Mafia. (That also happened in Mafia Roulette I) Actually don’t, that would be a terrible fallacy.

Also, I guess the whole No Lynch on day 1 if even number stems from mathematical analysis of completely Vanilla games, which assumes perfect play on both sides. And, well, perfect play is not really possible to achieve for humans, although I am still unsure if you’re really able to find scum on day 1 on a forum.

Same here, I don’t want to have a game at the same time as a Tea Party, so we should pause these games until after the Meakashi Tea Party. And if @Karifean, @Rabla and @Contessa are fine with that, I’d actually like to design a game myself for once.

I know we’ve been keeping @Rabla waiting for a while already, so make sure to talk to him about it.

I want to do another game, but I’m actually interested in throwing my hat in the ring next game so no objections here.

Oooh, that’ll be very interesting! I’m intrigued!
Oh right, @Contessa, did our mysterious host have an identity? So, is there a name attached to that woman?

Her name is Nyatlisyah, and she’s the cruelest faerie you will ever meet.

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Also none of the other abilities had particularly fun names. It’s an inside joke w/a couple of my friends that Mamizou is a friend of the Shimogamos and visits them every so often, hence why Yasaborou had the spell card, but otherwise they were all standardish.

Well, you did make me laugh.

This is a bit issue, as usually it takes until first night for like 2 or 3 people to even talk at all so if we assume they’re all mafia then we are sorted, right?
Trouble is usually they’re all townies who didn’t know the game was starting or had nothing to contribute and we’re going to bed, or were revising for 2 days straight, or something.
On forum, all of that is possible. On non forum, not so much. This is why I don’t think vanilla mafia works on forum without either very short or very long Phases, as that way everyone’s always in the action and everyone gets a post or two in.

Good game all. As Kari knows I guessed the Mafia team but died far too quickly to reveal the info. That was a critical misplay on my part, thinking that a nerfed doctor would therefore mean they’d be a second doctor.