New 07th Expansion Manga Project Announced!

New Manga Project Announced!

Shounen Sirus announced a few days ago that Ryukishi07 has a new project in the works! Just like Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni, it's a Manga project titled: When the End of the Love Harem Game is Announced. Not much is known other than the teaser picture above. What could this new work throw at us?

This series will be drawn by Yukari Higa and the first chapter of the manga will be released in the November issue due to be released on November 26th. Also worth noting is that Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni Volume 1 and Iwaihime Volume 2 were released this month in Japan!

So, what do you think this new manga will be like? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know below!

Thanks to forum member Isae for the news tip.

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Not enough mystery =P

But well I’ve yet to be let down by a Ryukishi story, so I’ll definitely check it out once that’s possible for a non-Japanese reader.

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Who knows~ The twist could be stalking the creator of the game or plotting murder for an ending. :wink:

But yeah, wish we knew more~

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It really does feel like Ryukishi has given up on writing mystery stories :frowning:

Well, I’ll still be looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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Well I guess I should word it differently. I don’t necessarily mind the absence of mystery (RGD was fucking awesome after all) but I would love it if he wrote ambitious passion projects, whatever those might be.


At this point I’m so behind on his stuff that I probably wont get to this for a while, but I Ryukishi ultimately stuck with me more because of the greater themes of reality and perception, so I trust him as a story teller to make something really interesting out of this.


One interesting thing to note is that the title ends with ‘~Koro ni’, so it may have some connection to the When They Cry series. That, or the title is just for fun.


Do you think this means the dramatic audio element will be the sound of boobs jiggling?


Could be! :sweat_smile:

But that makes me think there should be a thread where people can talk about what the sound might be in the actual next When They Cry.

I don’t know what to make of this, it certainly can turn out to be a good story but really, it doesn’t look like something I’d like. I mean, Ryukishi’s storytelling abilities are good and if maybe this will be a story about relationships, it can be pretty good if done well, but I’m more interested in reading a mystery from him. Anyhow, we still don’t have enough information on this so there’s not much to say but if I hear good things about this, I’ll probably give it a try.

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Yeah, I can’t say I’m to excited about it at the moment, either. I guess I’ll see when it comes out, though.

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Sounds interesting, if only because it’ll probably be very self-aware, perhaps deconstructing visual novel narratives. I can’t wait to see what Ryuukishi pulls out next!

This excites me, especially if it ends up being another When They Cry. I don’t have a whole lot of room to talk since I have yet to read Higurashi ((all those different names confuse me. @_[email protected]; )) but it would be really cool because this would be the first WTC I’d be around for the release of! Forgive me if I’ve missed some reading or something, but does anyone know if this is going to be a visual novel as well?

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Is there any chance this has something to do with Gakuen Renai…?

Official art for the new manga, which I’m calling ‘When the Game Ends’ from now on (from the English subtitle in the logo).


Wrong manga! Hotarubi discussion is over here: Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni General Discussion

This thread is for discussing When The Game Ends.

The first chapter is floating around (came out at the end of November) but it doesn’t seem like it’s been translated. Wonder if anyone will pick this up.

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Hopefully, I would if I knew enough moon runes.

I just glanced it and… What the fuck is going on in this series??