Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Alternative Fragment

Hi hello everyone! Did you have a great second day? I hope you did. Anyway, the challenge I present to you today will require your writing talent:

Alternative Fragment

What you need to do here is pick either a Higurashi chapter, or an Umineko episode, or a Higanbana chapter, or a part of Rose Guns Days, and change one detail in the story (such as an event happening differently) in a way that causes the story to progress in a very different (comical) direction. Outline how this small change completely changes the course of the tale. But please, write no more than 3 paragraphs for your submission.

This is another competition, so again 1st place gets 4 points, 2nd gets 3, and 3rd and 4th both get 2, whereas late submissions get 1 point.

Submissions need to be submitted by Thursday, 11:30 am UTC for them to be on time.

The Goatdatricers

Team Goatdatricers’ submission:


Team Goldenslaughterers’ submission:

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Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris’ submission:

Thanks for your submissions! We’ll be judging them within the next 24 hours. Good luck to y’all~

Alternative Fragment - Verdicts

#3 goes to Team Goatdatricers (+2 points)

Kari: Wonderful little story and damn that’s some impressive effort put into it, but it’s also waaaaay past the length limit, dude ^^;
Sera: tl;dr
Vyse: The style of humor reminded me of an abridged series.

#2 goes to Team Goldenslaughterers (+3 points)

Kari: I was the only one who could actually read this for spoiler reasons, and I thought it was goddamn amazing. I so want to see this be an actual thing xD
Sera: Kari has given me some excerpts (cuz spoilers) and it sounds freaking hilarious. Good job
Vyse: Kari explained the concept, and that’s a great idea. Am looking forward to reading it in two months or so.

#1 goes to Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris (+4 points)

Kari: You had me at the image of goddamn MACKERELS flowing together to form Kumasawa-Beatrice.
Sera: I absolutely love KUMASAWA Beatrice. I need more.
Vyse: I should probably start eating mackerels, lest I be slaughtered by Kumasawa-baa-sama.

Thanks once more for participating! =)

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