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A Gameboard For All 07th Expansion Fans

Presented by @Karifean, @Seraphitic and @VyseGolbez (credit to @Usagi for the image)

Welcome to Rokkenjima. Our very own.


teamavvie Team Goldenslaughterers
@farispie, @Bernkastelle, @FlareNetworkC, @Hovlane

Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris
@RKW, @MagusVerborum, @SleepingPliskin, @Monteberris

The Goatdatricers Team Goatdatricers
@prototypeOEZ, @Zepfur, @GoldenBugHunter, @EternalMagician, @Aspirety

thefiveelementsofdesire Team 5 Elements of DESIRE
@NotKyon, @TsukiyoAlex, @smileypers0n, @Kennidy, @King_Titanite_XV


After this initial task, there will be four events happening every day. You can submit your work by simply posting in their dedicated thread. Submissions are made as a team, of course. Events have a primary runtime of roughly 24 hours at which point the next events will be rolled out. If this sounds daunting, well that’s because we don’t expect everyone to participate in every event, and not all events require the whole team to work together, either. Just pick the ones that interest you and talk with your teammates about what you want to do. Don’t be shy~

Private conversation groups will be set up in Rokkenjima PMs by default, but of course we very much encourage exchanging Discord tags or whatever else to get an instant group chat set up.

In the 24 hours following the events’ runtime (in other words, while the next events are in progress), your submissions will also be evaluated by us. Scoring for each event is either competitive or independent. Trivia events for instance will simply be scored by how many questions you get right, whereas art or writing will be scored by what submissions we like the most. Judging decisions and the reasoning for them will be posted publicly. Generally, first place will get 4 points, second place will get 3 points, and third and fourth place will get 2 points (scoring updated as of Tuesday).

Events will generally be put up and end at around 11:30 am UTC every day. If you miss the deadline your submission cannot compete against other teams’ submissions of course (we do need to judge at some point), however, you can still post a submission at any time later on (right up until the end of the Festival) to at least still get 1 point.

Final Scoreboard

teamavvie #1 Team Goldenslaughterers - 91 points

#2 Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris - 88 points

The Goatdatricers #3 Team Goatdatricers - 70 points

thefiveelementsofdesire #4 Team 5 Elements of DESIRE - 50 points

Event Timeline

Have Fun!

If you have any questions or feedback to give, do post them here: Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Questions/Feedback
If you are not a participant but you want to join in, simply drop me a PM. The more the merrier~
Should any trouble arise in your team, or you feel like you want to drop out of the game, also please drop me a PM.


Time to present the profiles of some teams~

Team 2 has evolved into Team Goldenslaughterers!

Featuring @Hovlane as Katsuragi Keima, @Bernkastelle as Shinku, @FlareNetworkC as Beatrice and @farispie as Reinhard Heydrich.

That’s quite the group you’ve got there! Surely with such an assortment of heroes there’ll be nothing that stands in your way.

Team 3 has evolved into Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris!

Featuring @SleepingPliskin, @MagusVerborum, @RKW and @Monteberris.

That is a majestic image! Truly a worthy master to be furniture of. Go forth and bring your master glory!

Team 4 has evolved into Team Goatdatricers!

Featuring @prototypeOEZ, @Zepfur, @GoldenBugHunter, @EternalMagician and @Aspirety.

A wonderful image. I wonder what kind of epitaph will be written underneath Goatdatrice’s portrait…

Well now, what will happen~? Will we have a rivalry between the Magical Gohda Chef and the Magical Goat Chef? Will the remaining teams steal the spotlight with their (late) profiles? For now, please enjoy today’s events to your heart’s content!


Ah, I’m team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris so far, but it may be prone to change.


We serve the one true Gohda! This pretender Goatda will fall before our cutlery battalions, beat down in a flurry of pots and pans by our best furniture, soaked head to toe in the most delicious of our candied ammunition. Your deaths shall be nothing if not sweet!


Another profile has come in!

Team 5 has evolved into Team 5 Elements of DESIRE!

Featuring… well they wrote it themselves just above. You can never have enough DESIRE!


I’m sad to announce that Team 1 has officially disbanded and dropped out of the game.

I hope you guys can still enjoy watching the game from the sidelines and wish you all the best! hugs

With the dropping of the number of teams from 5 to 4, we have decided to change up the scoring of competitive events starting with the events of today (Tuesday).

1st place gets 4 points.
2nd place gets 3 points.
3rd place gets 2 points.
4th place gets 2 points.
Late submissions get 1 point.

So in a nutshell, there’s a difference between placing 2nd and placing 3rd now instead of between placing 3rd and placing 4th.

Happy Halloween!


After four days, we have someone else in the lead for a change! Now it’s a competition~


Scoreboard updated. Once we finish the judging for Friday’s events, we will have our winner~

The Festival has concluded!

A warm round of applause to our final winners,

@farispie @Bernkastelle @FlareNetworkC @Hovlane

Thanks to all who participated to make this event as awesome as it was =)


Ah, Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris ultimately didn’t win, but the Goldenslaughterers were my second favourite anyways, so congratulations! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


Damn that was a close fight for top spot, nice work from all involved!