Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Questions/Feedback

The anniversary of the Umineko incident was just yesterday, and we are a 07th Expansion fanbase after all. What better time than now to lose ourselves in our love and appreciation for these games! Introducing…


A Gameboard For All 07th Expansion Fans

This game will have you assigned to one of many teams, and along with your teammates you will then participate in several different events - these events range from 07th Expansion Trivia Contests and guessing music tracks from short clips to writing a new profile for a fantasy character for a mundane object and making cool photoshops! There should be something for everyone here, and since you have teammates to help you out, don’t be shy, give it a try!

The festival will last for a single week with many events happening every day. You’re not expected to participate in all of them, though of course nothing stops you from coordinating with your team and doing so. By participating in events, your team gains points depending on how well you do. At the end of the week, the winning team will be crowned.

Signups for this event have started, see: Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Signups

The event will be hosted by myself @Karifean, as well as @VyseGolbez and @Seraphitic.
Let show just how much of an awesome bunch 07th Expansion fans can be! Hope to see many of you there~


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Can I blackmail you in order to be able to pick up my team?


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Now that the festival has concluded, please do leave us with constructive feedback if you will~

I guess the only real criticism I had was how intensive some of the events were -or rather when grouped with other events it didn’t leave too much breathing room. In particular the sound-recognition event should have perhaps been paired with easier events.


I mean I felt the daily rotation was pretty intense, but thus why it was only a week. Any longer it would have actually killed me.


Aye, here’s my feedback. First of all, I want to congratulate everyone and thank for participating and hosting this wonderful event!

I’d like to point out some things I really liked. First, the way you decided to show results for scorred tasks (fromthe 4th to the 1st place and not vice versa). Also that you decided to not actually score the last round of events. I think, we all were already exhausted, haha. It was a very nice touch.

Also, personally I enjoyed all drawing tasks! It was soo interesting. I especially loved the crossworld, because it was a lot of fun.

Hm, and the last thing is that this event helped me to get to know new people on the forum and even become friends with some of them, hehe.


My only real feedback - and take it as you will, since I didn’t participate - was that perhaps it would’ve been better to have all of the activities for a single day kept in one thread. For example, something like a DAY 1 thread where you could see all four challenges for day 1. And then have the results and submissions just placed together in one post that says it’s for that activity. That would mean you’d cut down four threads into four posts in a single thread. Would keep things more compact and categorized, in my opinion.


I didn’t take part in it this year because I only joined the forum recently.

The whole threads appearing all the time in the forum made me feel like everything is really messy, it felt like a huge wave of threads that was hard to follow up. I just see lots of threads gathering up and get all like “???” and end up ignoring them completely.

Also, the fact it was in groups made it impossible to join midway or “solo join”, but maybe that’s because I didn’t quite understand how this challenge went on first place.

I really hope to have the chance to take part of it somehow next year!


Well just like Magus said it was a bit intense but that was also part of the fun and any longer than a week would have been too much.

Since I’m still pretty new here I wanna give a big thanks for organizing this, it was really an awesome event and it helped me to get to know some people here more and have a great, great time with them! It’s something I’m not going to forget anytime soon and I’m sure it will be the source of a lot of great memories and the beginning of some friendships! Once again, thanks!


It was so fun! We should have one each 3 months!!! The events were all really nice, though there was a day full of creative events and it made it kinda tough, while other days were lighter, like the Music Recognition day (sorry for those who say it was a tough day, it was the easier in my opinion). Anyways, thanks for the fun event, I hope I can participate in the next one.


I thought the entire event was pretty fun! While I know this isn’t something you could have really helped with but each team only seemed to have a single artist. Because of how many drawing type events you had in there, the artist more or less had to help out every day for that. My only suggestion on that front is maybe make it so that the art challenges have a longer grace period so that if the artist is busy on any given day, they don’t feel as if they are letting the team down because they have other things they need to do.

Besides that it was a great event! My team was freaking out every day trying to get everything done on time and get all the trivia right. Honestly it was pretty hilarious in there.


I think Hovlane is on to something here. I had a great time, but I did notice that certain events needed specific skills. My team, for example, kind of suffered in the audio events like the laugh and the singing because we didn’t have an audio person available. Zepfur, meanwhile, got pretty much all the art jobs and showed a level of love and madness worthy of Kinzo.

I think, if the event were to be done again, I would suggest the following steps:

FIrst, during the sign ups have a list of skill areas people can sign up for. Some can draw. Some can sound/video edit. Some can do creative writing and trivia. Then when the teams are divided you can take some steps to roughly balance the teams out.

And the other half of this is, like Hovlane suggested, vary the deadlines by the type of challenge and just have awareness of how long certain things take. Something like trivia or horrible joke cosplay can and should be done with a tight deadline, but drawing a masterpiece takes a bit longer.

But like I said, I had a great time, and these are more suggestions for refinement than complaints or anything like that.


Yeah this is more or less what I am saying, I was only particularly focused on the art stuff because only Bern could do any art on our team. I don’t think learning audio editing is that tough, but I could have just been a fast learner on that front.

And I’m not all that worried about the quality of work done too much either because we only had a day for the stuff we submitted and all the art/audio stuff was really good especially with Goatdatricers submitting a fully fledged VN for at least two of their submissions. I’m simply more worried about availibility for the people who have these skills. For our team Bern could not really do all that much on Thursday and Friday events because she was working a festival. I think one extra day specifically for specialty events (events that require a person with a specific skill) should do quite nicely so if that person on the team has to do something on one of the days where there is an event with their skill, they don’t have to be availiable on that day.

I don’t see any problem with your idea or signing up for something you can do though, that’s a good idea for the next one.

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