Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Cross-World Meeting

We’ve reached the halfway point of the festival now! I hope you’re all excited for what’s yet to come~

Cross-World Meeting

This challenge will have you come up an artistic representation of a meeting between a 07th character and a non-07th character. In other words, a character from a 07th Expansion novel meeting a character from a different visual novel, or series, or anything really. This can be whatever kind of meeting you imagine it to be - be it a fated meeting between rivals, a lovers’ date or long-awaited reunion, or eternal bros giving each other a fist-bump. Just think what it would be like for the two characters you have in mind to meet and let your imagination run wild~

Handmade drawings are very welcome as submissions, but photoshops or even, say, pixel art GIFs are great stuff as well =P

This is another competition, so again 1st place gets 4 points, 2nd gets 3, and 3rd and 4th both get 2, whereas late submissions get 1 point.

Get your submissions in by Friday, 11:30 am UTC. Good luck and have fun!


Team 5 Elements of DESIRE submission:

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Team Goldenslaughterers submission:

Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris submission:

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Thanks for your submissions! Loving these so much~ Judging will be done within the next 24 hours.

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This submission was technically on time, just in a wrong format at the time, so I’ll still accept it. Plus you need to see this X)

The Goatdatricers

Team Goatdatricers’ submission:

This is pretty cool, though not sure what the objective of the game is! I tried reaching Eva-Beatrice and that did nothing. Hitting the red/ blues lead to the lose screen :P.

In any case to make this in six hours is rather impressive. Good job Zepfur!

Cross-World Meeting - Verdicts

#4 goes to Team Goldenslaughterers (+2 points)

Kari: Took me a bit to recognize Higanbana there. I do like that they’re thinking the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:
Sera: Literally the only thing I know about Rozen maiden is that the character is a doll so I don’t think I’m fully appreciating it. Shame because I really like the art.
Vyse: While I don’t know the Rozen Maiden character, I still like the art. I assume the other character has a similar personality to Higanbana? At least that’s the impression I get.

#3 goes to Team Goatdatricers (+2 points)
Kari: By now I’m pretty sure you’re actually insane. You beautiful bastard.
Sera: Won my heart. Great idea and I liked that the magical fight was between a witch and a magical girl sworn to kill witches.
Vyse: You with your crazy ideas. Sadly, like you yourself said, the execution was a bit weak. Still, major props for doing that.

#2 goes to Team 5 Elements of DESIRE (+3 points)

Kari: …I need to check if there’s a Danmakufu script for Higanbana youkai.
Sera: Personal favorite. I’d love to see some touhou style ass-kicking in Higanbana
Vyse: I see you have fulfilled the extension of internet rule 44: If it exists, there’s a Touhou version of it.

#1 goes to Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris (+4 points)

Kari: Absolutely amazing. I’m so happy I decided to add this contest to the festival now =)
Sera: Fabulous art. I don’t know these characters having not read either Danganronpa or Chiru but I can appreciate the beautiful picture nonetheless.
Vyse: I love the art, even though I don’t know both characters. But both look pretty mischievous.

Thanks for participating everyone!