Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Happy Maria! Lyrics

Greetings once again. We are enjoying looking at yesterdays submissions and we hope you also enjoy doing them. Now we shall be presenting you with another challenge, again of a musical nature.

Happy Maria! Lyrics

For this challenge we want your team to take a stab at putting lyrics to the song Happy Maria! To keep things simpler please just put lyrics to one verse although it can be any verse you like. We are looking for humor so make the lyrics as funny and absurd as you can, while still being somewhat believably accurate listening to the song. Also, please don’t copy other people’s guesses from other places online as that just ruins the fun of the whole event.

In this video, the ‘verses’ we speak of are roughly from 0:00 to 0:45, 0:45 to 1:25, 1:25 to 2:00 and 2:00 to 2:35. You get the idea. Pick one of them and you’re good to go~

As per usual first place will get 4 points, second will get 3 points, third and fourth will get 2 and late submissions will be given 1. We realize this one might take a while so you should probably work on this one ASAP.

Submissions should be submitted by Thursday, 11:30 am UTC for them to be on time.


Team Goldenslaughterers submission:

The Goatdatricers

Team Goatdatricers submission:

Warning, this submission contains minor references to events from Umineko Chiru.


Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris submission:

Thanks to everyone who submitted! Judging will happen within the next 24 hours. Good luck~

Happy Maria! Lyrics - Verdicts

#3 goes to Team Goldenslaughterers (+2 points)

Kari: Thanks. Now you got me thinking about inedible stories, gods petting dogs and lands full of cute guys.
Sera: Bishounen Land! I loved it
Vyse: That “By the way” at the end there really cracks me up XD

#2 goes to Team Goatdatricers (+3 points)

Kari: Wonderful job actually tying a story into it and analyzing it deeply =P I love the story this set of lyrics paints.
Sera: Unfortunately I couldn’t read the analysis because of spoilers but the lyrics themselves were absolutely magnificant.
Vyse: I also only judged based on the lyrics itself, but those were already impressive on their own.

#1 goes to Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris (+4 points)

Kari: Such a great combination of nonsense and sense-making. That finale too, perfect.
Sera: I loved the insanity and bizarre words. Also that last line killed me.
Vyse: I love how you managed to basically stick to one story.

Thanks again y’all for trying your hand at interpreting this wonderfully strange Engrish song~

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