Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Iconic Scene Recreation

Welcome back everyone! I gather you all enjoyed the first day? Well, let’s continue the fun with today’s events! The event I’m introducing to you here is going to require your creativity:

Iconic Scene Recreation

Your task is to draw your own rendition of an iconic scene from any 07th work of your choosing. It is left to you what program you use to draw; you may also choose to draw on a sheet of paper and make a photo or scan of that. When choosing the scene, be mindful that many have not yet read Higurashi Kai or Umineko Chiru, so try to not pick a scene that outright spoils the plot of those.

This event is scored as a competition, so as always, 1st place gets 4 points, 2nd gets 3 points, 3rd and 4th both get 2 points, and late submissions get 1 point.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 11:30 am UTC. Good luck and have fun!

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The Goatdatricers

Team The Goatdatricers submission:



Team 5 Elements of Desire submission:


Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris submission:



Team Goldenslaughterers submission:


Thanks for all of your submissions~ Judging and scoring will be done within the next 24 hours.

Oh, before I forget, for this event, we’re glad to welcome artists @PocketyHat and @kyuketsukimiyu as guest judges!

Iconic Scene Recreation - Verdicts

#4 goes to Team 5 Elements of Desire (+2 points)

Kari: Pretty faithful recreation of the scene, not bad at all. I like the fact that they can both hardly hold back their joy =P
Sera: While I did really like the nosebleed I really was hoping to see something more free from how the vn looks. Still a great piece.
Vyse: You took the recreation part a bit too literal for my taste, but it’s still a decent art.
Pock: Let them laugh dammit.
Miyu: I laughed pretty hard at Beato’s nosebleed. Fun piece!

#3 goes to Team Goldenslaughterers (+2 points)

Kari: I’m glad someone picked this scene~ interesting choice to make the entire image so… dark, with only Rena, K1 and the moon really standing out as white, ehehe.
Sera: This picture just drips with tension and feeling. I also like the angle.
Vyse: I like how the perspective in this makes the viewer feel pretty similar to Keiichi in this image.
Pock: RIP Ink-kun. No but seriously, I like the atmosphere that this drawing gives off!
Miyu: Great ambiance on this one, the mood is really well captured.

#2 goes to Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris (+3 points)

Kari: I like that Beato a lot, the choice of angle works wonderful in the context of the scene, especially with her words of denial right there on the side…
Sera: I just wanna give Beato a hug. Very beautiful piece.
Vyse: I think you perfectly Beatrice’s feelings in this scene.
Pock: I love the colors and the style in this one, especially Beato’s expression, it’s so unlike her, but at the same time, it is very much like her.
Miyu: Beato’s soft expression in this makes me melt every time I look at it. <3

#1 goes to Team Goatdatricers (+4 points)

Kari: My god I can’t believe you actually did this, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH xD
Sera: This is some serious dedication and I have to admit, I have something of a softspot for pixel art. Well done.
Vyse: I seriously respect the amount of work you must have put into this. And I also liked the little references you put in there.
Pock: I had no clue what this was from, but I love love LOVE this gif, especially since it loops over and over and over…
Miyu: A looping gif is such a perfect way to present something 07th expansion. Seriously impressive.

Thank you for your participation in this event, and special thanks to guest judges @PocketyHat and @kyuketsukimiyu!

Congratulations to all and we look forward to seeing you in the days to come.