Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Music Recognition Trivia

Greetings and salutations our dear guests. Continuing with our Festival of Mayhem we will now give not just your brain, but your ears, too, a test. I hope your team has some sharp sets of ears.

Music Recognition Trivia

This event is straightforward in principle. You will be given snippets of 30 different tracks and will have to identify the title of what track they are from. These can be from any translated 07th Expansion visual novel, including of course Higanbana and Rose Guns Days. Teamwork is especially important here. Combine your collective knowledge of all 07th Expansion music and master this challenge!

The score you get is based on how many tracks you match correctly, and the ceiling is a bit higher than normal!

  • 30       6 points
  • 29-25      5 points
  • 24-20      4 points
  • 19-15      3 points
  • 14-10      2 points
  • 9-5        1 point
  • 4-0        0 points

Late submissions will not receive any points. Also, while we cannot force you to not check online or in the novels themselves, we expect that you will not use those sources to gain an unfair advantage. We are on the honor system here and we expect that everyone participating is doing so for fun. Don’t ruin that fun by cheating.

This is a link to a Google Drive folder containing all sound bits.

And here is a download for a .zip file for the same purpose: (3.1 MB)

Answers are to be submitted as an answer sheet in your Team PM by Wednesday, 11:30 am UTC. Have fun everyone!

Results for Music Recognition Trivia

Team Goldenslaughterers matched all tracks correctly and gets 6 points!
Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris matched 25/30 tracks correctly and gets 5 points!
Team 5 Elements of DESIRE matched all tracks correctly and gets 6 points!

Official Answer Sheet
  1. Banquet of a Neverending Night
  2. Solitary Deep Sea Fish
  3. Samayoi no Kotoba wa Ten ni Michibikare
  4. Digital Network
  5. Chasing Shadows at Evening
  6. Like the gale
  7. Life’s end
  8. Dir
  9. Blood spilled at Dusk tastes like Honey
  10. Lastendconductor
  11. Final Answer
  12. Cross-Examination
  13. fall
  14. Jeanne’s Portrait
    (I so wanted to deduct this one for everyone who used the wrong title “Jeanne no Shoujo” instead of “Jeanne no Shozou”)
  15. Shall We Dance?
  16. About Face
  17. Shirokiri no Itadaki
  18. Land of Rose
  19. School Tour Guide
  20. Birth and Death
  21. Lie Lies Lies Lie
  22. Dance of the Moon Rabbits
  23. Mission No. 023
  24. You
  25. Dancers7
  26. Fascism
  27. Silence
  28. Duel of Rose
  29. Savon de Fleur
  30. Birth of a New Witch