Rokkenjima Festival of Mayhem - Event: Witch Laugh Competition

Welcome, festival participants, to one of the first events in this mayhem! And what better way to announce to everyone that once again this forum has become the meeting place of witches, demons and other supernatural beings than to cackle gleefully? That’s right, this event is a

Witch Laugh Competition

Your task is quite simple: Record yourself cackling like a witch. As you want to announce that the descent into mayhem has started, it is recommended that more than just one person of your team laugh. We still only want one submission from each team however, so please edit your laughs together into one file. How you edit them together and what other effects you might add is left up to you. Once you’re done, please upload your submission and post a link to it in this topic.

This event is scored as a competition, meaning that we will compare your submissions against each other and rank them. As a reminder, first place gets 4 points, second and third get 3, fourth and fifth get 2, and any submissions sent in after the deadline get 1.

Of course, onlookers are very much welcome to submit their own witch laughs. They won’t affect the competition, but may just get an honorable mention~

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 11:30 am UTC. Good luck and have fun!



Team Goldenslaughterers submission:


Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris submission:


The Goatdatricers

Team Goatdatricers submission:

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Thanks to all who submitted! Judging and scoring will be done within the next 24 hours.

Spectators may feel free to admire these wonderful laughs in this topic =P

Witch Laugh Competition - Verdicts

#3 goes to Team Goatdatricers! (+3 points)

Kari: Nice job incorporating a bit of story into it, and that laugh is pure evil~ too bad more people couldn’t make it though.
Sera: It was a really great laugh and almost got second. The quote was also fantastic.
Vyse: You certainly nailed the part about being evil~

#2 goes to Team Goldenslaughterers! (+3 points)

Kari: farispie has the most amazing witch laugh, my god. Also Golden Slaughterer playing in the background was such a nice touch. Great work, guys.
Sera: I loved farispie’s laugh. So full of energy
Vyse: farispie’s laugh was great indeed, but the first two were decent as well. Bernkastelle going with the more scheming/secretive approach was nice.

And #1 goes to Team SleepingVerborum and RKW Berris! (+4 points)

Kari: Now this sounds like a festival of mayhem alright! Great chaotic laughter, and also a wonderful outro xD
Sera: I think I peed a little. Sounded just a like a bunch of witches should
Vyse: They give the illusion of being more than they are, creating an image of Pandemonium

Thanks to everyone again for participating, see you next event~

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Man good laughs all around and glad everyone had fun with it. I still demand a 1 v 1 witch laugh with Magus one day to decide the fate of Rokkenjima. Jojo pose.