Rokkenjima Tabletop Roleplaying Games. Who's interested?

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times my interest in ttrpgs, and I figured I’d make a topic to gauge interest in people running and/or playing these systems with the Rokkenjima community. I personally would be interested in running a game of Blades in the Dark, a post-apocalypse steampunk world where spirits and demons roam the streets and the world is plunged into an eternal night (ooooh edgy) or maybe playing in some oneshots with you guys.

So with that said, who’s interested?


I’d be more comfortable using Blades than DND, but if I have enough people interested we might be able to figure out how that would work. Maybe we could talk about what an 07th flavoured game would be like, I’m all about collaboration so if you guys wanna make that work I’d be excited to give it a shot.

Are you required to talk in the voice chat in order to play it?

I don’t think it’s required no, We would be using Discord and Roll20 ( to play.

Fancy. The stuff where I’ve been in used only discord and the assistence of a dice bot.


So the easiest thing to do would be to not use established characters, but we could easily create a ‘game’ where either all of the players play humans, or all of the players play lesser witches. This is why I don’t think dnd would work because it’s very combat focused, and I’m not sure how interesting an 07th game focusing around combat would be as opposed to using a system which is more fiction-first. In Blades you use the exact same mechanics for stabbing someone as you do casting a magic attack at them or arguing with them.

Blades uses a mechanic called ‘effect’ to judge how much your action does in the game, the more scale/better equipment/more knowledge you have the better you are at doing what you want. So in the 07th example if a human player tries to punch a witch in the face it’s not going to have any effect, but a magical attack or a regular attack with preparation might have some. If we are wanting to have a mix of human and witch players we’d just have to agree beforehand that the witches are nigh invulnerable (because thematically that makes sense). Strange idea I know, but I feel like we’d all be disappointed if the witches in When They Cry weren’t overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course the other thing we could do is roleplay witches who also control a piece on the board. That might get a little confusing though.

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Roll20 is a very useful system, and they’re always updating it with more rulesheets and effects and such. Gotta pay premium for a lot of the art assets unfortunately.

Ehehe~ I spend the night laying the groundwork for something of an 07th Expansion themed TTRPG and then this thread goes up as I sleep.

I suppose the world works in mysterious ways~


Did I read rp?
May I join?

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I don’t see why not :stuck_out_tongue:

We should sort out a time to all hop into discord and talk about what we want to do. Because we all live on different sides of the world it might be difficult to get us all together, but 10am aest has been my usual time for such things. What’s everyone think of that?

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Good point.
I mean I might be brand new here in this forum
but not new to RP.

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Hell yes. I look forward to whatever we decide on :grinning:

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This has my curiosity. I’m most used to casual, homebrew DnD but I could definitely get into this sort of thing.


I’m interested if the time it’s at isn’t crazy… although since we’re both Australian, I guess it can’t be too bad surely…

sure, if I can

Alrighty, looks like we’ve got a group of fine players so far. If any of you are interested in reading the Blades in the Dark rules PM me on Discord and I’ll give you a look.

I am a pretty experienced TTRPG player, having GM’D and played DnD, Fate, Numenera, etc. I am interested!

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It’s good to see a mix of experienced and inexperienced players. Get to witch level quick so you can be ready!

Alright, I think the topic’s been up long enough to ask for availabilities. I’d like to get everyone in the same (discord) room to see what you all want to do, and whether or not any of you would like to run games as well. I’m currently running an online game of Blades in the Dark that will be wrapping in in a week or two, so that’s about my timeline for starting up a new game.

The games I’ve run have usually started at about 8pm EST, how’s that sound for the rest of you? Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday would be doable for me currently. Of course if someone else would like to run a game to accommodate for different people’s schedules be my guest.

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