Rokkenjima Tales: The Search for the Golden Land: Character Lineup

Welcome to a new narrative based on the Rokkenjima forum, where this is a story and you are the characters. This is not a game, it’s a limited interactive story written by myself and SleepingPliskin and anyone on this forum is welcome to be a character within. Action is not required, but there may be points in the story where you are able to make decisions. Feel free to contact myself or SleepingPliskin if you want to be a character, or just write in below that you want to be a part, and feel free to ask any questions below. Also feel free to contact us if you don’t want to be involved.

The basic plot is: group of people get invited to an island by a weird old gamemaster and things are looking a little murderous at the beginning but it turns out that they’re going to participate in a game to get some gold and they are partnered up in order to do that. There are no limits to the amount of people in this story so go ahead and put yourself in the narrative. If you sign up you will at least be in the story, though roles are currently undetermined.

Let the island adventures begin!

Current cast list: pictoshark, UsagiTenpura, Wonderlander, Antra, smileypers0n, Doldod, akafa, Karifean, VyseGolbez, Blackrune, Opai_Defender, FlareNetworkC, King_Titanite_XV, AMF, BunnyAdvocate, Seraphitic, ghagler, midsummer, Quixote, thesorceress, SleepingPliskin. The cast has no limits! Feel free to join in.


I’ll see how this goes…

Consider my registration submitted.

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Well I already said yes a while ago, but confirming it.

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This sounds weirdly intriguing. Why not ;p

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This sounds interesting. Sign me up.

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Okay, I’m in and stuff.


Sapphire will join too, after Pli shamelessly promoted the game to her Pli maturely laid down the reasons on the table on why she should join.

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I’ll join too. This seems interesting and fun!

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Uh okay. Count me in.
…And feel free to kill me off at any time.


I have a question. Are we obliged to answer the interactive questions that decide what direction the game goes in or is it okay if we’re passive most of the time?

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Looking forward to it~

No, it’s not required at all. You might want to when they come up, but you certainly don’t have to. And there will probably not be many of them.

Man I’m all about money and killing and/or being killed. I’m in.

Heck yeah, I’m so down.

So what are you going to roll dice or something to see who dies?

Note : I wouldn’t mind that.

Um, I might have to withdraw from this. I got a little over-excited from Pli’s description of my character that I decided to join on a whim, but now that I think of it, I wanted to mostly lay low on this forum for a while, cause I’m focusing on some other, personal stuff, but anyways, my involvement with this game, even though I don’t have to do anything in it, would make me be a bit more active and engage myself more on the forums, which would be slightly overwhelming. So I’m sorry, and I definitely apologise to Pli, for he was pretty excited for my character. Ah well, maybe some other time.

It’s fine Sapph. Best of luck to your other stuff! :slight_smile:

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I will join in as myself. Make sure to not forget my crown! I have a big axe but I probably won’t use it.

Also I give you permission to use one of my pieces, Havel the Rock. If he isn’t in the game even as a minor role I will be very disappointed.
That’s him in his stone armor, him from the back, his “Dragon Tooth” hammer and his shield, in that order.

EDIT: Also wanted to ask: how the fuck are you going to successfully get Picto in this?

You’re the 15th in line for the crown, no crown should be applicable to you yet, right? :upside_down_face:

no thats not how it works, im the 15th to have the crown, why else would i be called “king”?

besides, even if that was a thing, prices get crowns too, dont discriminate