Rokkenjima's wishlist

Do you have anything in particular that you’re looking to get?

I’d like to collect more Umineko manga and get the Mangagamer hard copy. It would also be really neat to start getting into Higurashi, too. Maybe someday I’ll work on collecting those manga.

I would like a desk. I don’t have one, not even a table. I use a chair as my desk, which makes using my basically brand new USB mouse really hard, wah.

I new drawing tablet would be great. Mine’s alright (I’ve got a Huion 610PRO) but part of me wants to upgrade something else anyway.

An actual desktop computer would be lovely, too. I’ve got a decent laptop, but it does this thing where it shuts off randomly if I ever use it without charging it, thus, it’s always on the charger. It’s probably just a battery problem, but I don’t want to buy a new one. I’d rather have a whole new computer.

I want to get my dog a different colored collar for every day of the week.


An actual room so I can convert it to a makeshift recording studio. Buy audio equipment for my desk and camera. Upgrade my computer (CPU, GPU, RAM). A laptop to start writing on the move. All I can think of right now.


I’d like to get a microphone. I’d also like some more anime on DVD (specifically Psycho-Pass and Samurai Champloo), Steins;Gate’s VN, the rest of the When They Cry Manga, and the rest of Pokemon Adventures.


I wish I could get a good PC, but right now I’m going to the university and it would be useless.


A job :thinking:


brought my desktop to school and it was a huge waste of effort :frowning:

I want ClipStudio Paint and a new drawing tablet. I feel kind of bad for wanting a new drawing tablet – I already have a nicer one than my drawing skillset warrants, but I can’t help but wish for one where the workspace is also a screen. Not being tied to a computer sounds amazing.

I also really want to go back and get the other LE volumes to Love Live Sunshine. I had to stop after volume 2, but I plan on circling back even if it means scouring used stores for them. Love Live is what keeps me motivated to keep trying even during times when I feel like everything is going to hell, so collecting it is generally not far from my mind.


I told you I’ll buy you ClipStudio when you finish your design work miyu :stuck_out_tongue:

Must…find…good title typeface…soon.

It has taken long enough I wasn’t going to hold you to it

Oh, boy. I’ve got a lot of things. I wish I had good sewing skills, for one (I’d kill to be able to make myself a cute Sakutaro plush).

But as for materialistic stuff, an HD mic would be great for my voice acting and my audio drama project.
A drawing tablet would be wonderful so I can bring my art into the digital medium. And I need my own room for Higurashi and Umineko stuff (I swear, if I get my own place, there’s gonna be an entire room dedicated to Beatrice and Bernkastel. There’s gonna be a tapestry and stuff in there, along with their portraits.) Maybe a gaming computer, too. Strictly gaming and podcast stuff. And I’m gonna end it there before I get too lengthy. As a broke person, I desire many things.


I’d say getting a bunch of shit for my laptop-like a cooler. Uhm, I’d like to finally buy Umimeko and Higurashi (where is my fucking bundle MG) and a few other visual novels on steam. This would also include RPG Maker MV and Visual Novel Maker (whenever it comes out…).

Free Dropbox would be nice. Maybe I’ll also get musicbee in the future.

Why take a PC to college? Just get yourself a Surface Pro 4

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A PS4, because I am fucking dying to play Persona 5 and NieR Automata (alongside other stuff like Bloodborne and Death Stranding). To add insult to injury, I do have NieR on Steam but my midrange laptop from 2012 can’t squeeze more than 20 fps out of it.

Oh, by the way, about that midrange 2012 laptop: Its “m” key is broken (I copy the letter from somewhere when writing to the point where I still press Ctrl+V to write “m” on other computers), its earphone/microphone jacks are broken (found a USB-to-3.5mm converter), one of the latches on the battery is stuck (I use it only when plugged anyway), and my room has shitty Wi-Fi reception so it randomly disconnects.

I’ll be leaving the country (Turkey) for university next year, so perhaps instead of all the overpriced BS they sell over here, I’ll buy a shitty laptop I can actually carry around for lectures (a Chromebook, perhaps) and a PS4. That’s one year in the future though.


My ps4 pro collecting dust, only needed the helmet for VR, but brother did not hold up his end to buy it. I played through ffXV in the winter then have not touch it since.



hindsight is 20/20.

Also, I do play a lot of video games when I’m not super depressed. I have a low price “gaming” laptop which is good enough for the games I end up playing at school.

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An entire new setup, my desk is much too low, my keyboard is dying, my headset is… certainly on its last legs. I should be getting an income soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to get all this. I’d also like to get a few more writing books for Japanese, so I can practice my Kana and Kanji again, since I ran out of paper for that.


It seems my big “wishlist” is actually just a bunch of books. I need to pick up the last two releases of the Umineko manga, but I also want to buy a bunch of light novels that are coming/have come out. Zaregoto, Monogatari, Occultic;Nine, MagiPro…

Also a George Foreman Grill because frankly there gets to be a point where I’m far too lazy to really cook something, so whacking something into a grill is the way to go. Also, making toasted sandwiches.

@pandora In regards to visual novel maker, have you considered tyrannobuilder? It seems to be similar in interface, and it’s already released.


The Monogatari light novels are soooo good. I wrote an essay about them for my English class. Also, I can’t help but think of the episode of The Office where Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill :joyful:


Normally I don’t have the patience for ebooks, even though I can devour a book without stopping, but I got Kizumono when audible was doing that free ebook thing and I just spent the whole day listening to it, I was just so enraptured by NisioisiN’s writing. Of course, I still prefer the physical books.
(Especially considering their covers are so beautiful!) I currently have Bake1 and Nise1 coming in the mail, and (hopefully, now that I have a job) I’ll be able to get more sooner rather than later but yeah~

(Also, I’d be curious to read that essay, though I imagine you wouldn’t want to share it if it has personal info. I actually did my semi-final high school english exam on Higurashi, and how it contrasts the ordinary and the terrifying!)

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The essay wasn’t exclusively about Monogatari. It was in defense of how animation is just as valid an art form as live action film is. So I compared My Neighbor Totoro to The Santa Clause, The Incredibles to X-Men: The Last Stand, and Monogatari to The Bachelor to showcase times when animation surpasses live action.

Same here. I have a giant wishlist of books that only seems to grow longer every year. Sure, I’ll get some of the books on the list, but for every book I buy, I add at least two more to the wish list. One of these days though, I’ll build myself my own personal library, so that when I do end up buying my entire wish list of books, that I have a place to store them. That library would have a hidden passage to get in and out, that way only I have access to it!

And I know, one of you out there are probably reading this and saying to yourself, “You’re crazy U4ea, you can just get yourself ebooks or audiobooks and then it’ll all be on your computer! You don’t need a fancy library!”

But you see, I’ve always found physical books more appealing for some bizarre reason. My problem is, I read faster than audiobooks and ebooks. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I really think that like @Zepfur, I just don’t have enough patience for non-physical books. Also I just think a library with hidden passages would be really cool. :blushing: